Jvn by Jovani:

Affordable Prom Dresses and Special occasion Dresses

JVN is Jovani’s newest affordable prom dresses collection, at a price affordable for everyone. Every girl deserves to wear a beautiful dress on their prom day. The JVN collection includes the latest trends, fits and silhouettes, created for any type of girl. Different styles can range from classic and conservative, fashion-forward and trendy, as well as simple and elegant.  A girl can never go wrong with the fit, whether it is wearing a beautiful mermaid or a sexy contoured dress or even a ballgown. There is an array of styles and silhouettes which range from strapless to sleeveless to one shoulder embellished long gowns or high-lows. You can also be fun and fearless by choosing a dress style with a sexy slit or a plunging neckline. The pastel or dark sexy colors are perfectly paired up with a different range of fabrics including lace, taffeta, chiffon or jersey. JVN has been created to cater to any girl around the world making her feeling special and beautiful on her prom day. This jaw dropping collection is unique in its own as it is reasonably priced yet also guarantees great quality. JVN’s price point retails under $400, but still ensures the same quality that makes their dresses above the rest of the other designers.


Prom 2014 Dresses with Jvn by Jovani. Inexpensive Prom Dresses

The newest prom collection to hit the market offers glamorous and trendy dresses at an affordable price for Prom 2014. With vibrant colors and intricate designs, girls across the country will surely shine this season in JVN by Jovani. The collection has an array of sizes and styles to suit every girl and all tastes. JVN gives girls who need beautiful dresses the best style and fit at a great price point. Every girl wants to shine on her prom day and JVN is a great way to sparkle. Retailing under $400, JVN is sold in select retailers which can be checked on where to buy section. The Jovani Prom line typically runs between $400-$900 and the brand recognizes that there are many girls that can’t afford those prices, so JVN is the new, inexpensive way to give girls the Jovani style and make them feel amazing at prom. JVN offers beautiful full length gowns in Spring pastel colors, sheer fabric and ruching to accentuate curves. For late summer proms, JVN provides shorter gowns with lace that create a classic alluring feel. This new line takes the amazing quality and style that Jovani is known for and makes it more accessible to everyone. From fun, short and playful dresses to the long, sleek fashion forward gowns, JVN is an amazing collection. The variety of of sizes, colors and the versatility of styles makes sure every prom girl can find her perfect prom dress. JVN is great new collection with inexpensive gowns and gives a new look and feel to prom dresses at this price point. With JVNs’ new styles, colors and fits, JVN can be on every girl this prom season.

Designer Prom Dresses

Prom this year is going to be special for millions of girls this year and price sometimes gets in the way of it being the best.So JVN is here to fix that. Liven up prom this year with its cool pastels and sparkling jewel tones. Looking for a new, affordable and fresh spring look? this seasons JVN designs are the cure to that prom headache. Featured here, JVN91296 is our flirty, floor length, jeweled bodice gown. With a long chiffon skirt to contrast the charming bodice, any girl can feel fun and elegant on the dance floor. Along with the blue jewel toned chiffon skirt, the bodice has a sheer fabric to show off amazing skin tones. This JVN gown will make a girl feel like a stunning celebrity on the red carpet. With great affordable prices, girls can now find their dream prom dresses in the JVN collection. Quality gowns, inexpensive prices, this years collection is a top contender in the prom dress market. From short and sassy to long and flirty, JVN has a large array of dresses to suit every shape and size.