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Jovani Dresses at Susan Lee in ATLANTA, GA

Prom dresses in Atlanta


Atlanta is the capital, largest most populated city of the state of Georgia and the thirty-third in the United States regarding the number of inhabitants, with an estimated population of 537 958. It has been considered as "the capital of the new South," "the international city" and "the best place for business." That's why in Jovani we placed the region as a new epicenter of fashion by launching our prom dresses in Atlanta, this way all the girls will manage to select the perfect prom pieces to start the late stage in their lives. When choosing the design to wear at your prom party, you should know that the details of the dresses must fit perfectly, making you look fresh, comfortable and elegant. Also, it should help you highlight the most attractive areas of your body and disguise those which you may not feel very comfortable with. That said, whether you consider yourself a born fashionista or if you tend to opt for minimalism, we know that in this event, you want to dazzle more than ever. Surely you and your friends have been looking for stunning,  and until this moment haven't found the ones that fit with your personality. It should be noted that, as in most of the Sun Belt, after the important growth experienced by the Atlanta region in the 2000s, the level of cultural activity has been exposed to previously unimagined levels. That's why, apart from the dress code of your high school, there are no more rules but those that you put. We have analyzed the favorite elements when wearing a graduation dress and we have added the necessary touches to bring an avant-garde proposal, perfect for girls who love to follow trends while at the same time bring their personal touch; In this collection of prom dresses in Atlanta, our designers carry out the main recommendation with long tight dresses.

Among the most outstanding elements of the new addition to the prom line, you will find both the strapless, the elasticized lace and the appliqué, a trend that returns to mark the 2019 graduation season. One of the ideal options if you want to create a stunning silhouette, is a gown customized in satin sash with a skirt that rubs the floor. On the other hand, there are also many options with tulle design and strass belt in opaque colors to blend in with the atmosphere of a night celebration. You also must bear in mind, the aspect of the temperatures; Atlanta has a warm, humid temperate climate, like the rest of the southeastern United States. Thanks to the high levels of precipitation, if your school decided to hold the event only in a closed space, we recommend choosing light fabrics that adjust to each of your movements. The high-low designs or short prints are perfect because they can be worn with high heels to lengthen the figure and keep you fresh. You can find prom dresses in Atlanta at Susan Lee, located at 56 East Andrews Drive N.W., Suite 31.


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