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 Nothing is missing for one of the most important days of every teenager. The prom party is one of the most important events of the year. The preparation for that event sometimes lasts a couple of months. In Jovani we want to help you so that the search time of your dress can be shorter. In our store, you will find everything you always craved.

We know that a prom party is an important event because maybe at that party it will be the last time you see your classmates. Jovani prom dresses Greenvale will make your friends never forget how you were dressed that wonderful night.

Colors and accessories

Something very important that you must decide is what will be the color of your prom dress. In general, each station has its representative colors, but sometimes we do not know what accessories to combine them with.

If you have a full-colored dress or one with some prints you just have to follow the same palette of tones of the dress. So choose one color to give emphasize and try to make a necklace, bag, shoes, and makeup of the same tones so you give the perfect touch to your final look.


Something great about the black dress, for example, is that you can combine it with whatever you want. The best way to fully take advantage of your black prom dress is to combine it with a bright colored shoe, although we can stick to the classic and try a metallic accessory.


The prom dress white is a classic that will never go out of style. In many occasions, it is chosen by the variety of accessories with which you can combine them. Using it will give you a modern and simple look.

The red prom dresses are perfect if your prom party is at night or if you want to look flirtatious during the day. So that you can take advantage of your prom dress by Jovani, some long earrings, or a small bag will make you dazzle.

If your thing is not to use short dresses, we have a series of long designs that will surely fascinate you. If your dresses are stamped, it is best to wear beige or gray shoes.

To get more out of your prom dress, you can use high-heels, since they will lengthen your legs and will give you more elegance.

Village of GREENVALE

About 1500 people live in Greenvale. The locals are called the Costa Dorada key. Over the years, the town has changed its landscape full of trees to modern shopping centers, buildings, and homes.

Our Collection

In Jovani we have the most exclusive dresses. Our collection is made especially for you. We want you to be the center of attention in your prom party. Each of our prom dresses will bring out the best in you. We have a wide range of colors and designs that will fascinate the most demanding person.

Our prom dresses Greenvale collection has a lot to offer; you can find every single style of prom dresses. If you want to look regal, come to Jovani. We have a dress made for you.


Visit us today at 87 GLEN COVE ROAD UNIT # 4, GREENVALE, NY 11021 in United States! Phone: 5168298503

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