Burgundy Prom Dresses

A burgundy prom dress is surely one of the top choices when it comes to prom dresses in 2020. The color is flattering on every skin tone, complements other colors, looks regal and formal, and has long been a symbol of class and grace. This hot color for prom season is available from JVN in a wide variety of prom dresses with many fabrics and comes with many options of unique dress details. With such a great selection of the best burgundy prom gowns, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

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Wine Prom Dresses 2020

Our burgundy prom dresses come in almost every style imaginable. While it’s traditional for ladies attending prom to choose a long gown, we also offer styles that are mid-length, short, high-low, or high slit. For a young lady who wants to make a sexy statement at prom, consider a burgundy dress with a high slit. This will satisfy conservative dress codes while still allowing for a bit of skin to show. On the other hand, a classic sleeved sweetheart gown might be more of what you’re looking for.

A great way to find your dream dresses prom is to narrow it down by your top styles and then browse the burgundy dresses of that style. Our easy sorting features make this possible. Simply pick a few styles you’re fond of and filter your search results by that category.

Find a Dress that Matches Your Personality

What makes prom shopping so fun is getting to choose a gown that matches your unique personality. For example, a prom-goer that wants to make a scene might be drawn to features like an open back or a plunging neckline. On the other end of the spectrum, we also offer dresses with long, dramatic sleeves or high necklines. For those that fall somewhere in the middle, there are moderate details like side cut-outs or off-the-shoulder sleeves that feel just right. With so many possible combinations, there’s no way your prom dress could ever look dull when it comes from JVN.

Burgundy Prom Dresses Fabrics

We know that prom night demands a degree of movement. That’s why we take that into account when designing our dresses and choosing fabrics. For the perfect prom gown, the fabric must be breathable yet elegant, comfortable yet high-quality, and resilient yet forgiving. The look of the fabric also matters as it is responsible for a large part of the aesthetic of the dress.

We use luxury fabrics like satin, lace, chiffon, and tulle to create bold looks that feel good on your body and will remain comfortable throughout the night. You can find the perfect dress in a fabric that feels just right in our collection of burgundy prom dresses.

Flattering Burgundy Tones

The color burgundy is always a flattering wine tone. It brings out the porcelain nature of fair skin tones and the olive undertones of those with darker complexions. The richness makes it feel much fancier than a traditional red while still being much bolder than black. Your prom date will also love matching with your burgundy dress, as it’s a color that looks great on men as well. You will be a dashing couple making your way into prom in the regal, gorgeous wine tones of burgundy. It’s great to make a statement during the spring but remains a strong choice even after prom during the fall and winter.

A burgundy prom gown is the ideal color for your prom night. You can find this color in dozens of gorgeous gowns in the JVN 2020 collection. Many burgundy prom dresses are available in brand-new styles with cutting-edge designs that will leave you standing out from the crowd in the best way. Whether you rock your strapless sweetheart neckline, halter, or V-neck, you’ll be stealing the show. You can also find a burgundy dress from prom in fabric choices like floaty chiffon, comfortable jersey, stretchy bodycon and flowy satin.

All Lengths of Ball Gowns

Whether you’re looking for something short length, cute, and practical or something long, sexy, and dramatic, we’ve got something to suit every need at JVN, online and at our retail stores. If your prom focus is on dancing, consider one of our flirty and fun short fit burgundy prom dresses. These get even better when you consider that you can wear them again at future parties, a wedding, or next year’s school dance. On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to prom because it’s a chance to be dramatic and elegant, we’ve got long classy dresses for prom that will do just the trick, all at a great budget-friendly price.

A Royal Hue

A prom gown is made to make young girls feel fancy, beautiful, and all dressed up. The burgundy color goes the extra mile to satisfy these expectations with its luxurious jewel tone. Wrapped in solid burgundy, the wearer looks elegant, an image of class. A burgundy lace with a nude underlayment is romantic. It creates the illusion of nudity while remaining fully covered and comfortable. With such small tweaks, a burgundy dress can be transformed into the gown of your dreams for prom.

A Breezy Shopping Experience

Our prom dresses are available in a variety of new options to make the shopping experience easy and successful for every young girl who chooses to attend prom. On top of that, we strive to keep our dresses affordable so that price doesn’t stand in the way of perfect prom night.

A JVN shopper can shop for the latest prom gown trends. These include colors like gold and silver, styles like off the shoulder and mermaid cut, lengths such as floor-length and mini, and fun features like sequins, beads, slits, and cut-outs. Fit the perfect fit at a great price and in any size to best suit your shape. Get the best customer service and help as you shop and order, with quick free shipping and delivery when you buy online through our retailers. You can also visit your nearest store to try on any party or formal style in person.

Completing the Look

Once you’ve found your perfect dress, you should pick out your accessories, which are ever so important when it comes to prom. Complete the look with the perfect clutch purse, pair of heels, and stunning jewelry. At our one-stop prom shop, you can find the perfect prom dress and begin building your head-to-toe prom look for a night you won’t forget!