Becoming a prom dresses fashionista without falling into seasonal clichés

Becoming a prom dresses fashionista without falling into seasonal clichés

March announces the beginning of spring, prom season and also the race to find the perfect look. From walking through the school halls to watching TV and scrolling down on Instagram, you can already feel the pressure of fashion trends; suddenly thousands of style rules begin to accumulate as a burden on your shoulders - but today, you are going to take control of them.

Choosing the best style for the prom and feeling more beautiful than ever has nothing to do with becoming a fashion slave or perpetuating the famous motto "pretty hurts." On the contrary, the prom dresses are the ones that must comply with three basic requirements to become the right ones for you, since they must:

  • Look stunning and suiting to your personality.

  • Be versatile to rock them with both stilettos and with flats -especially for dancing-.

  • Lie within the price limit that you and your parents consider reasonable.

Let's talk about the dress code.

For spring-summer collections, traditional designers usually present dresses in the same color range and concept, so the options are generally quite scanty (not to mention expensive). On the other end, you'll find the department stores, which are limited to mimic what is trending in the world and have the lowest quality (and least reliable) models of the entire market.

However, there is a third option, and those are specialized fashion firms. A dress customized by this type of brand is much more than a garment. It is a bet in which the design, the use of the materials and the artistic component allow you to succeed without sticking only to the basic notions of fashion, nor lose a bit of your originality. That's why it's always a good idea to buy and invest in brands that guarantee that level of demand.

Becoming a prom dresses fashionista without falling into seasonal clichés

At JVN - our design company based in New York - we are known mainly thanks to our line of prom dresses which have had great success among fashion critics and young women across the globe. Our goal is to be a fashion companion with which you feel reflected, confident and powerful.

To continually raise the bar, our design director Julie DuRocher decided that in this latest collection the tradition of restricting femininity to a few colors and cuts will be thrown away. On the other hand, she and the whole team made an effort to create dresses worthy of any catwalk and red carpet for each type of personality, body, and style.

Now you can have all the colors

Entering into the matter, let us begin by bringing up the primary colors of the season and their best alternatives. If you are a practical girl, who likes to decide in a short time, choosing a model with a light fabric and rhinestones or sequins will allow you to erase any trace of doubt regarding color combination.

One of the most notorious examples that have dazzled both on the catwalk and in stores has been the "Rose Gold Mermaid" model. Init, it is possible to appreciate a glow caused by floral applique and sheer fabric in a beautiful shade of pale pink.

On the other hand, for the riskiest spirits, the lace and the rhinestones are discarded for transparencies and its illusion with nude linings that will keep you covered. On the other hand, you'll find shades such as mint green, coral and purple in all its variants like lavender and lilac. Undoubtedly, it is an ode to youth and freshness, both inalienable concepts of the greatest tradition of the entire school year.

We also wanted to include pastel tones because they offer that air of timeless beauty for the most conservative styles. All these are light and malleable options since the strict black and white binomial is left aside. Here the alternative has been the elaborated fabrics and the 'blush' colors.

Depending on the type of silhouette you choose youwill able to make a statement

Besides the aspect of color, you cannot stop thinking thatthe prom dresses that you choose to take to your school ball shouldbe the one to make you feel comfortable and also be worthy of representing you in such an important night. Such an outline comes through a good choice of a silhouette.

A few days ago during our first contest to choose the "PromFaces," a group of students became the center of all eyes as they became part of our social network campaign. For this sample of the collection, we wanted to highlight its minimalist side, using models with the following elements, delicate and thin straps with open back, heart necklaces and A skirt.

In the long-skirt section, we have designs in sequins with a deep V neck and slits to the side falling down the waist. For those who prefer a more discreet look, but remaining equally elegant for a gala-themed prom, the design team included sleeveless dresses and a round neck decorated with embroidery.

If you are a lover of classic fashion, it means that over the years you want to see your graduation photos and feel that your look does not go out of style. Thus, the straight cut dresses in this collection are ideal for you. If you want to give a different touch to it, you can choose a striking color that stands out in full view. Of course, to pick a gown with which you can also go to another important event in the future, we recommend opting for a print of simple lines.

To finish the section of silhouettes, we decided to include a different category but you can also find in the collection, and that is the jumpsuit. This type of attire has been recurrent during the past few years since, contrary to what some might think, it doesn't matter if you consider yourself an ultra feminine girl, tomboy or not interested in belonging to a category at all, it is an excellent alternative to prom dresses.

The reason? That our clients love it! They are super comfortable to wear and bring sophistication without the need for an ornate look. The design team has created a variety composed mainly of dark colors like the classic black, and the novelty this year, the bright colors.

When it comes to makeup you decide when it is too much

Experts recommend a prom look with neutral eyeshadow, then emphasizing the cheekbones with a sheer highlighter. The lips can combine with the eyeshadow. The rule says that when you make up your eyes with strong tones, your lips should be lighter and vice versa.

Also, you must take into account the time and place where the event is taking place. Makeup usually gets smoother if you start with some daytime activity, leaving intensity for the night - however, we encourage you to create your own rules and even set innovative trends.

For the hairstyle, the 2019 trend indicates that there will be a lot of graduates rocking sophisticated buns, which will give the girls a modern and avant-garde look. Besides, the hair collected or semi-collected in the middle of high temperatures prevents the weather from playing a negative role in the final look.

We hope you have enjoyed this quick look at our Jovani prom dresses collection. We are eternally grateful for the fantastic collaboration we've made with the Sweet Style Blog team, allowing us to reach such a united and beautiful community.

We also want to take the opportunity to invite you to go to our page and observe the rest of our proposal and find out about our programs and promotions.