How to Do Your Own Makeup for Prom Night

We all want to have flawless makeup, especially for prom night. It can also be expensive to have it done by a professional. You may just want to put your own 'stamp' on your look. If you are confident and love makeup, it's a great idea to do it yourself! You can enjoy the preparing process at home and create a gorgeous beauty look. To make sure you're ready for this, it's a good idea to prepare before. You need to make sure you have all the tools and products you'll need. You should also have a plan and know the type of makeup that works well with your prom dress

To do your own makeup for prom night, you'll need to first decide the kind of makeup you love and want to create. You need to practice if the look is complicated, to make sure it will be perfect. Thankfully, there are many amazing tutorials on Youtube that can be a big help. It's easy to steal some professional tips from those in the know. You should also make sure what you pick matches up well with the best of your outfit. You want the style to come together and look cohesive with your accessories too.

With that in mind, here are some of the best tips for doing your own makeup for prom night. Get a unique makeup look at home and bring your own vision of beauty life for this special night. 

Get inspired

The first step is to get inspired and pick the makeup look you want. You can browse Pinterest and Instagram to get thousands of ideas! Compile your favorites so you can narrow it down later. You can always pick the eye look from one photo, and lips from another. Choose different colors and put a unique twist on your top beauty looks. This is a simple way to create something really original. 

how to do your own prom makeup

Make sure it matches

Think about the dress and accessories you've picked. Will the colors work together? Do they suit the style of your dress? For example, a 90s theme dress works best with makeup that references the same era. Colors should go together well too. They don't need to be the same shades, but it's best to avoid a clashing color combination. Try to work out if it will all flow together well. You can fine-tune coordination later on. 

Buy the products

You may already have a full stash of makeup and beauty products to use. If you don't, go to your favorite makeup store and pick up any items you may need. Don't forget tools such as sponges, applicators, faux lashes. Anything you are thinking of using. Make sure you have the right colors and skin products that are a great match for your own skin tone. It's a good idea to invest in a primer and finishing product to make your makeup last all night. 


In the weeks coming up to prom, take some time to practice your makeup look. Make sure you feel confident and happy with the makeup look you've chosen. Adapt the look if there is anything you're not happy with. Make sure the colors flatter your skin tone and everything works well together. If you need to change any elements or buy new products, you have plenty of time to make changes. 

Do a full trial run

A week or more before prom night, do a full trial run. Do the makeup just as you would for prom, starting from the beginning. Time how long it takes if possible, so you know how much time to set aside on prom day. Once you've done the makeup look, you can carefully try on your dress (make sure you don't get makeup on it!). This will show you how well everything matches. You still have time to make changes if you need to. You should photograph your final makeup look in natural light. You can look over it to see how the colors look in photos. This is a close representation of how your prom photos will turn out on the day. You may notice that some colors need to be adjusted to photograph better. 

Give yourself time

On prom day, make sure you set aside more than enough time to do your makeup. Set up your area and make sure it's ready to use the night before. This includes double-checking that you have everything you need. Add an extra 20 or 30 minutes on to the time you recorded during the trial run. This gives you room for error if something needs to be completely changed. Take your time! Put on some music, relax and enjoy this glam-up time. It's all a part of the prom fun. 

Take your makeup with you

Before you go out the door, make sure you pack some of the makeup in your bag or clutch. Bring the essential items that you need to keep the look fresh. This might include the eye-shadow or lip color you used. You should bring pressed powder or foundation to top-up your look. Make sure you have everything you need to stay looking perfect throughout the night. Having a small mirror in your bag can be a quick short-cut. This allows you to fix your makeup whenever there's a spare moment. That means you can enjoy the rest of your time fully!