How to Choose the Best Colors in Prom Dresses for This Graduation Season

how to choose color prom dresses

While the trends change day after day, there are occasions for which dressing involves choosing with time in advance, pick the style, cut, shop, fashion house and make different fitting tests until you find the right model.

If you want to navigate between the different options that exist in JVN prom dresses and shine brightly at the graduation party, you can make the process much more manageable by determining the color first. That's why we wanted to share part of the 2022 catalog by color as well as some tips, so pay attention. Let's go!

Nude and its variants

The nude color is already a classic among party dresses, but this time it comes with variations oriented towards brown and pink. Lavender, for example, is also an option within this range that, although it pulls more towards the purple, stays within the tones that mimic the color of the skin. On the other hand, saffron is already a trend among party dresses; it works in all kinds of celebrations, both day and night.

Within this range, the design director Julie DuRocher indicates that he integrated for this season the color hazelnut and pale pink. "These colors are quite clean and emanate vitality, although you can wear them mixed and they are ideal to combine with pieces of classic colors such as white, navy blue or black, which are always the basis." You will also find them in designs with rhinestones applications to have an unconventional and very spring-like style.

Millennial Pink

It is one of the most romantic and feminine colors out there. Although it is similar to nude, it differs by having a more bright tone. It's perfect for senior girls who want to say goodbye to their school exuding style.

In our catalog of prom dresses, we have decided to create a wide variety in pink tone combined with other pastel colors, alongside contrasting color applications. These classics are preferred because they can be worn during your prom night and also, in another significant event throughout the year. One of our jewels is in color rosewood.


The perfect color for light-hearted girls is yellow, always cheerful and optimistic. If you are of brown skin, you can choose one of our minimalist styles without many details or color combinations because, although it is flattering, we think it is quite impressive by itself - especially on top of dark skin tones.

JVN has different models in yellow for all seasons, but especially for this prom season. They are designs in fresh fabrics of free fall that will contribute to a fresh look.


Among the orange, pink and brown, there is the terracotta. It is a very original and vibrant color that suits both romantic and daring styles. Everything depends on the look you want to pull off. For example, you can choose a set and accompany it with black accessories if you want a risky appearance, with a lot of personality and at the same time very sophisticated.


Passion and sensuality are represented by red. It is a color that you have to know how to look: neither too much nor too little. It is best to wear it in full color without prints or accessories of contrasting colors. Within this range, the summer favorite is the cherry tomato, a perfect vibrant tone for the girl who wants to become a prom queen.


As DuRocher explains, blue is one of the candidates for "best friend" this spring: bright colors were used by combining them with strong colors such as electric blue, fuchsia, yellow or red," he says. But blue can also show off on its own, especially for styles that want to look sophisticated and discreet.


And last but not least, regardless of the season, black tones never go out of style. This spring 2022 highlights the models with laces and transparencies of the most elegant. Our director, Abraham Maslavi knows it, and that's why he asked the designers to present haute couture designs, of all cuts and in all sizes.

As for a tip for the final decision, DuRocher has declared "The choice of the ideal dress and the appropriate accessories for a party, it is easier if you are guided by a color palette that takes advantage of your complexion and figure, impregnating it with elegance and naturalness," he says. So, don't hesitate to visit your local store and look for the JVN models to try the ones you like the most.