How to Choose the Right Prom Accessories

Once you've found your perfect prom dress, you'll need to add accessories. It can be hard to pick out the right shoes, bag, and jewelry for your outfit. Color coordination, practical aspects and more all factor in. You want to look both stylish and comfortable on prom night. You need to be able to have everything you need to hand. Your whole outfit also needs to match up well. We're here to make the process of putting everything together into an outfit a little easier. Here is what you should look out for and consider as you shop for prom accessories.

Remember to importantly keep your dress color in mind. This forms the foundation of your outfit. Bring a picture of your dress with you as you shop for accessories. This will make it easier to match up different tones. You also need to think about its details. If it's embellished, you can use the color of the embellishment to match your shoes and bag. This is a simple way you can instantly look pulled together. There are many ways you can handle coordination and make sure everything is perfect. Here are some of our top tips. 

Decide on a Color Palette 

Browse online to get some ideas of what colors work well together. Pinterest and Instagram are both excellent resources for this. Once you have your style inspo compiled, think about which options match your dress. The easiest option of all is to adopt a neutral tone palette. These colors go with almost every dress color and are easy to team up together. This includes black, white, nude/beige, grey, gold and silver. These versatile tones are favorites for prom accessories. Some will match your dress better than others, so see which colors team up best. 

How to Choose Prom Shoes

Now that you know what colors to look at, you'll also want to think about style. Is your prom night very formal? Is there a theme you need to keep up? A pair of classic closed-toe heels suits almost every type of prom. You can also pick heeled sandals, block heels, and flats. It's important to think about how comfortable you'll be. If you can't walk in heels, prom might not be the night to try. Walk around the store in any options and see how you feel. Ask yourself if they match your dress and the style you've already established. Do they work with the length of your dress? and are your comfortable? Flat ballerina style shoes make for a cute alternative for prom night if you can't wear heels. Tucked under your long dress, no one will know the difference! 

how to match prom accessories

How to Choose a Prom Bag

Your prom bag should match your shoes well. It's easiest to pick the same color if possible, or a color that's very similar. This makes everything look more coordinated. You'll want a formal style bag which is most often a clutch. This can be a box or envelope style, or another variety. One good trick is to pick a clutch that has a shoulder strap that detaches and tucks inside. This makes it easier to carry your bag around as you get tired towards the end of the night. Even a clutch with a wrist strap makes life easier. You should also consider your bag from a practical perspective. Will it fit everything you want to bring inside? Check to see if your phone fits in before you buy. You'll also need room for makeup, money, tickets, etc. 

How to Choose Prom Jewelry

You may or may not want to add a piece of jewelry to your prom outfit. At most, wear 2 items. 1 piece is usually enough to add a touch of sparkle. You may not be able to wear a necklace, depending on your neckline. If it's high, instead opt for chandelier earrings. If it's a low v-neck, you can add a delicate necklace. Keep jewelry subtle and simple for the most part. That's especially important if your dress already has sequins, beads or glittering elements. Match your jewelry to any hardware or dress details. If your clutch has gold metal, opt for gold jewelry. If it has silver sequins, wear silver jewelry. This subtly ties your whole outfit together. 

Other Prom Accessories

Shoes, a bag, and jewelry cover the most important and necessary items. Some people pick other accessories to complete their look too. This could include a head-piece or hair accessory that makes a big statement. Some girls wear shawls or wraps around their arms to stay warm. There are many more accessories you could potentially experiment with. Make the night your own and bring a personal touch to your outfit! Keep it coordinated and elegant to make sure you stand out for all the right reasons. Don't forget to consider how your makeup and hair will complete the look.