How to choose the color of your prom dress

Your prom may not be that long away, and you may be wondering what type of dress you would like to buy. There’s always a dilemma over what style, what color, whether you want a short dress or a long dress or whether you want it to be a bit simpler or a bit more unique.

These are just some things to think about and consider before you purchase your special prom dress. However, there are also some other points that you should always look out for, but actually not that many people do look for these a lot and they just tend to fall in love with a dress.

But sometimes the dress wouldn’t actually suit your shade of skin and your hair color. We all know some types of colors may not suit everyone, as it can make people sometimes look a little washed out no matter how much we love the color. But there’s no need to worry as we’re going to guide you through which colors will suit you the best for your prom dress.

Hair colors:


If you’re a brunette, then you have a lot of options for prom dress colors that will suit you. But certain colors will suit your hair color more, especially if you have a pale type of skin then a red dress (it doesn’t matter what shade) will really suit you. Not only this, but it will really look like a statement piece at your prom.

However, if you have light brown hair color, then it’s probably best to stay away from this shade, as it will overwhelm your hair, whereas, if your hair is darker then it will only compliment it.

You don’t have to worry if you do have a bit of a lighter brunette hair color though, as other color prom dresses will suit you. For instance, deep purples, like violet or even a grape shade will really compliment your hair tone.

However, these are not the only colors that will suit your hair color, as the color green will more than suit a brunette. One of the shades of green that would look spectacular if you have this color hair is emerald green. These aren’t the only options though, as another shade that will make you look great in is bright colors. However, you don’t want these to be too neon otherwise you’ll be glowing the whole night.

Here are the colors that will suit you best:

  • Red dresses

  • Deep purples

  • Green dresses

  • Bright colors


It all depends on what shade of blonde hair you have to which color dress will suit you the best. If you have more of a more cooling blonde type of hair then pastel colors may be really ideal for you, an example of this would be either lavender or a mint shade.

However, if you have a bit more of a warmer blonde hair color red will suit you an awful lot, and it will make you look like you’ve made a statement at your prom. Shades like orange, purple and even black will also compliment your hair color as well. Although not many people will really like wearing a black dress to their prom, it really suits people that have blonde hair exceptionally well.

Here’s what colors will suit you best:

  • Pastel colors

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • Black


If you have a red or a ginger type of hair color, then you may struggle to find what type of color you should get your prom dress in. However, there are quite a few colors that would look ideal on you. There are a few specific types of colors that will suit a red-headed girl, and this would be some type of peachy color, emerald green or a shade of a deep/bright blue. This color especially will really make you stand out at prom, and all of the eyes will be on you and your dress.

However, another type of color that will immensely suit someone with this specific hair color is metallic colors. Because these shades tend to be quite shimmery they will seriously complement your hair shade, and it can really make your hair stand out against the dress, so make sure you have a super cute hairstyle, as it will bring attention to that too. So you can either go for a soft shade of color or a vibrant one, and this will seriously compliment your hairdo!

Here are the colors that will suit you best:

  • Peach

  • Emerald green

  • Deep/bright blue

  • Metallic colors


If you have a really dark black hair color then there are a whole variety of colors that will really compliment you, for instance, metallic shades will look amazing up against your hair, and they will more than complement each other.Plus deeper colors, like a deep purple or even green that’s on a material like satin would look really attractive up against that dark hair.

Another couple of colors that will also suit black hair is red. It doesn’t tend to matter what shade of red either, as most of the shades will quite easily compliment it. Also a bright blue or navy blue would also suit black hair and will make you look even more luxurious.

Here are the colors that will suit you best:

  • Deep purple

  • Deep green

  • Red

  • Blue

Skin Tones:

Different skin tones will also have an impact on what dress color would suit the individual the most, and just by having a darker or lighter skin will dramatically change the way a dress looks on you. It will also depend on whether or not you have a cool skin tone or a warm skin tone.

It is also very important that you always remember that your skin has a surface tone as well as an undertone.For instance, you can either have dark, warm skin or dark, cool skin and this works for any tone. It is usually the surface tone that will unconsciously decide what color dress will suit you the best.

Surface Tone:

Dark surface tone:

If you do tend to have a darker surface tone, then there are a lot of colors that would suit you extremely well. For instance, you should totally look at bright colors for your prom dress, or even a turquoise or emerald would look great. Plus,pastel colors would really suit your skin tone a lot.

However, there is one color that would suit you more than any of the others, and this is gold. If you purchased a gold dress that also has glitter on then, you would lookout of this world.

Light surface tone:

If you have a light surface tone, then there are a whole variety of colors that would suit you too. For instance, pastels are definitely something that you should consider,especially the shade periwinkle. This color would look gorgeous on someone that has this skin tone.

Another color that would also look great is something that you probably wouldn’t have thought of before, and that’s heather gray. You may think that this is a little boring,but it will really compliment you, and you can always jazz it up with some jewelry.

Medium surface tone:

If you do have a medium surface tone,then there are specific colors of dresses that would suit you. This actually includes more earthly colors, for instance, red, brown, a deep yellow, or even a gold. These types of shades are really able to compliment this exact type of skin tone and will make it stand out even more.

To know whether or not you have a medium skin tone you may sometimes be described as olive, or you will be somewhere in between the light and dark surface tone.


To figure out if you do have a warm undertone take a quick glimpse at your veins, as they will be more of a green color. However, if you have a cooler undertone, then your veins are more likely to be a blue color.

Warm undertones:

If you do have veins that are more of a green color, then earth colors will suit you extraordinarily well.These types of colors will include a variety of brown, mustard yellows, reds and sometimes even pinks. However, some shades of color should definitely be avoided if you have this type of undertone and that’s jewel tones.

Cool undertones:

If you do have a cooler undertone, then there are also whole ranges of colors that will really compliment your shade of skin. A few colors that will look best tend to be quite bright colors, like blues, greens, and purples. But even darker dresses will suit this type of tone as well. However, there are some colors that you should avoid, and this is oranges and yellows, as these will not suit you at all.