How to Buy Prom Dresses for Petite or Short Girls

It's a fact that every girl is different. We're all different body types, shapes, and heights. That can make buying a prom dress more complicated. Not every dress suits every girl. Your dream design might not look right when you try it on. It's all a part of the process. Being shorter than the average prom dress length can make it hard for petite girls. However, there are still many options and style hacks you can use to make it work. 

To find your prom dress, you first need to figure out the right fit. The best way to do this is by prom dress shopping. Find your nearest JVN retailer and try on several styles in store. Be open-minded and try on a variety of styles and colors. This will help you decide what dress style is flattering at first. You can then focus on getting the right length. Here are a few tips for choosing a petite prom dress. This will help you to fix common issues and get the right look for your special night.

two piece red prom gown with off-the-shoulder crop top

Choose a dress with a high waist

A dress that has a higher waistline will make your legs look instantly longer. This is a quick styling hack to apply to change your silhouette. The best option for this is an A-line dress. These tend to have a higher and well-defined waist. If the dress is fitted, you could add a cute embellished belt at the middle of your waist. This simply creates a nice illusion and is ideal for shorter girls. 

Try your dress on with heels

Heels are an obvious way to make you look a little taller. If you plan to wear heels on prom night, try your dress on with a similar pair. This will give you a better idea of the length of the dress. It can make the difference between a dress working for you, or being too long. Make sure you test out the dress and walk around. It should be comfortable and easy to walk in. 

Have your dress hemmed

Another solution is to have your dress hemmed by a seamstress. This is a good option if your heart is totally set on a particular style but it's a little too long. It's a good idea to check with your seamstress first. Show her a photo of the dress, so she can confirm it is able to be altered. Some dresses are much more complicated to shorten than others. For this reason, make sure it's possible before you buy the dress.

Choose a short prom dress

Unless your prom night is very formal with a dress code, there's no rule for the length of your dress. One way around is to pick a short dress. This could be above the knee, knee length or even midi. Short prom dresses can be just as gorgeous. They're also very comfortable and easy to dance in. Another benefit is that you will likely have more opportunity to re-wear it after prom night. A fit and flare option is perfect for petite shaped teens.

Opt for high low prom dresses

As well as short designs, high low dresses bridge the gap perfectly between long and short. A high low piece has a shorter front and full length back. They can even have daring ruffles and long trains. This is a great choice for a petite shape. You don't have to worry about the front length of the dress. You still get all the drama and luxury of a full-length gown. 

Sparkle in an embellished bodice

Drawing attention to your top half creates the illusion of a longer torso. A great stylist hack for prom is to pick a dress with a sparkling embellished bodice or other details. Pick a dress that only has details placed on the upper half of the dress. This creates a flattering look and balances out your shape nicely. It will also make you sparkle under the light! You can pick from beaded, sequins and other forms of embellishment.

Wear a crop top

Much like an embellished bodice, picking a two-piece dress with a crop top has a similar effect. Two-piece designs are very popular going forward into 2019. These typically have many styles of tops teamed with a high waist skirt. Having a skirt with a high waist makes for another flattering attribute for a petite. A two-piece prom dress can be the ideal solution. These are available in fitted, A-line and mermaid styles, so you don't have to limit your choices. 

Wear it with pride

You've finally figured out the right prom look. Now, it's time to truly rock it. Your outfit should be an expression of who you are! Embrace what makes you unique and wear your chosen dress with pride. Wearing any dress with confidence is the ultimate short-cut to style success. It's the best way to show the world that you're proud of your outfit and it's the best reflection of who you are. Own the moment and flaunt that beautiful dress!