The best prom dresses for 2022

Every teenage girl's dream is going to prom, and most girls would have been planning their dress for months and sometimes years. The dress is the most important part of the night, and every aspect of it matters. Not only this, but you want to be the girl who has the best dress on the night so everyone can envy you. This is where we come in to help you. Just below is a list of all of the trends that will be the most sought after and the most popular in 2022. So be the girl that will wear what everyone else wants to.

Rose Gold

This color has been trending a lot in the past couple of years, and we can really see why, as it’s a pretty outstanding color. A prom dress in this shade would look truly amazing, and even better if it had a touch of glitter too! There are also lots of added benefits that come with the color rose gold, and this is the fact that you’re able to buy a whole variety of jewelry that is the same shade or at least very similar. Therefore your whole outfit will completely match and look so elegant together.

  • The color will make you the star of your prom
  • It is one of the latest colors to be in the prom trends
  • It is able to compliment any body size.
  • This color would look out of this world on a ball gown


Everyone loves a good old red dress, and in 2022 this will be one of the trends that are in. This will definitely be a statement piece, and no one will be able to take his or her eyes off of your dress because you’ll more than stand out. The color red comes in a variety of different shades, so even if bright red isn’t for you, then you’ll be able to find maybe a darker red that is more your type of color instead. Because there are so many different shades available it means that this color is likely to suit any style of dress very easily. -It is a bold prom dress and will make everyone’s head turn -This color looks especially good in slimmer dresses -It is a very luxurious color to wear that will compliment anyone- The shades of red that are scarlet and ruby would look especially good in satin

Glitter fabric

When you look at glitter fabric, you may think that only celebrities on the runway will be able to pull this off, but trust me this will not be the case, as it’s also going to be very popular for prom dresses 2022. It will make you dazzle under the spotlight of that glowing disco ball. Glitter should be available on any style of dress, and if not it’s something you may even be able to add yourself if you’re really crafty. If you did decide to do this option, then it may even turn out better, because you will be able to control how much glitter you exactly want on your perfect dress.
  • The reflections from the glitter would make you constantly sparkle
  • You will be the glitteriest person on the dance floor
  • Glitter and rose gold will look super cute together
  • Glitter suits a whole variety of dresses

One shoulder dresses

This trend is well and truly back again. You may have noticed that it does come back and forth in fashion, but this year it’s here to stay just for your prom, so you better make sure you start toning your shoulders if you want to pull this dress off. When you think of a one-shoulder dress, you may automatically think of a long slim dress, but this doesn’t have to be the case, because it’s also available in other styles. For instance, you can buy a short prom dress that has a slight ball gown style and only has one shoulder.
  • It’s available to purchase in most dress styles, including ball gowns, mermaid, and slim dresses.
  • This dress style actually suits the majority of colors
  • Jewelry really compliments this style of dress
  • This style is a must-have for your 2022 prom

Satin and lycra

This material will be perfect if you really want to get a tight fitting or a slim type of dress, as the satin and lycra will make in skin tight, which is a very flattering look. Not only this but satin is a very luxurious type of fabric, this means that it will look very classy and sophisticated on anyone, so if this is the type of look you want then this may be best for you. This type of material does tend to suit all colors, but it really looks spectacular in certain shades, which actually includes rose gold, red and a classic black. Although, a black dress might not be something everyone likes for a prom dress.

  • Suits slim dress designs
  • Very luxurious material
  • It will make anyone look classy and sophisticated
  • It will flatter the shape of your body
  • It suits a whole variety of colors

Ball gown

Every girl has at least once dreamt about wearing a princess dress, and if you decide to purchase a ball gown style dress, then this really will be a dream come true for you. This type of dress has actually become extremely popular again, and this will also compliment some of the other trends in 2022. For instance, you can also get a ball gown with some glitter and some lace on too. Each ball gown tends to vary in how big the actual gown is so some could be a little flatter than others, and this is because they’d simply have fewer layers or it could even be because of different materials. It tends to be down to personal choice of how big they want their ball gown, but you really don’t want it to be too big otherwise it could look a little out of place.
  • It’s definitely a princess dress
  • It will make you feel like the queen of the ball
  • This is a statement dress that will make everyone envious
  • You will look like you know what the latest trends are for prom

Lace-up back

You may have seen lace on prom dresses before and never thought much of it. However, a lace-up back is totally on a different level, and this dress actually works very well if you have a slim, simple dress from the front. You’d be glad to hear that this is going to be one of the top styles in 2022. This style of dress will be the perfect trend for someone who doesn’t want as much of a statement piece, but actually wants something that will still be in with the latest trends.
  • Its a more simple dress design
  • The statement to this dress is on the back of it
  • Each year it gets more and more popular
  • It is a very attractive style to wear that is very appealing

High to low

Not everyone wants a prom dress that is going to be all one length, and if this is you, then you’ll be glad to hear that the high to low dresses are back for your prom in 2022. You can actually get this dress in a variety of styles, whether it’s a slim, mermaid or even if it has a slight ball gown style to it. With this style of dress, you are even able to get it in a variety of patterns, for instance, a floral pattern would look super cute on this particular style. Not only this, but a lot of colors would suit this style of dress as well, so there are many options for you if you want this particular type of dress.
  • This is available in a lot of dress styles
  • It suits most colors
  • This would especially suit red, which means this would be two of the biggest trends in one
  • You would also be able to get this dress in a floral version as well


Everyone has at least one floral dress that they love to pieces. You may have never thought about a floral prom dress because they might seem a little bit too casual in a way, but in 2022 they will definitely be one of the biggest trends of all time. This style has been getting more and more popular over the years, and actually started becoming trendier when people started wearing floral wedding dresses, but now it has become one of the best patterns for a prom dress. Floral designs are also available in a variety of colors so you could be able to purchase one in either a dark or a light version.
  • This is an elegant spin on a casual style
  • The pattern is able to compliment any one's figure
  • It is available in a range of styles
  • It suits most colors and will include a variety of them too