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What You Should and Shouldn't Wear to Prom


Dos and Donts of prom dresses

Getting dressed up for prom is a big moment for most teenage girls. However, finding the right outfit can be a little confusing. Are there rules of what you can and can't wear? What about the dress code? We're here to help break down some of your most commonly asked prom dress related questions about what's appropriate and not on this special day. This should help clear up any confusion and allow you to have a fun-filled shopping experience, free from any anxiety!

Before you do start dreaming about that perfect dress, firstly check with your school. Ask your prom committee if any particular theme has been decided on. If it has, you'll want to include an element of the theme in your final look. This can be done through accessories or the dress itself, but it's something to keep in mind as you shop. You'll also want to make sure there isn't a particularly strict dress code. Some schools outline what is and isn't acceptable to wear or prefer people to wear a long formal style. If the event itself is very upscale and lavish, you'll want to meet that dress code with the right formal look.

Is it OK to wear a short prom dress?

The short answer is simple - yes! For most proms, a short dress is totally acceptable and shorter styles are gaining popularity in recent years. Why? because they're simply more comfortable, easy to walk in and dance the night away with ease. Short prom dresses can still have the right formal look - just make sure to still shop at a formal dress store. 

Which Prom Dress Will Suit Your Body Shape Best?


If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
Prom season is one of the biggest events in any girl’s life. It is likely to be the first time you have the opportunity to get fully glammed up and look your absolute best.
Choosing the best dress for you can be a tricky decision and can cause unnecessary stress. If you are struggling to find the most flattering dress for your body, then looking into your natural shape can be a great place to start.

Everyone has their own unique body shape, and it is these differences that make us beautiful in our own way. When shopping for your shape during prom season, the goal isn’t to change your body but rather to highlight your natural assets.

Prom is such an amazing occasion, and every girl just wants to feel her best on this special day. When we feel great, we look great and are more likely to enjoy ourselves. This is why finding the perfect prom dress is such a big deal!

No matter what shape or size you are, there is a dress out there for everyone. You deserve to feel amazing at your prom and with our help, there’s no doubt that this will happen.
Bear in mind that there are no rules to fashion, other than wearing what makes you happy!

How To Make Sure Your Prom Goes Smoothly


Prom night is one of the most exciting events in any high schooler’s life but, of course, with all the anticipation comes a fair bit of anxiety too.

With so many things to organize, rent and book prom can become quite a stressful event if you don’t prepare well.However, by preparing everything in advance, you can truly have a great prom and ensure that everything runs smoothly. At prom, everyone has a vital part to play. Everyone’s actions are a part of a larger chain, and in many cases, one thing cannot be done without the other.

For example, girls cannot even begin to think about their dress if they haven’t even been asked to prom yet by their date or organized a group. Guys cannot rent their tuxedos or order a corsage without knowing what their date is going to be wearing.

As you can see, there is a lot of room for things to go wrong quite quickly when planning the perfect prom. If you manage to remain organized and sort out all the details early on in the planning process, we can guarantee that your prom will go smoothly.

You don’t want anything getting in the way of a great night!

How to choose the color of your prom dress


Your prom may not be that long away, and you may be wondering what type of dress you would like to buy.

There’s always a dilemma over what style, what color, whether you want a short dress or a long dress or whether you want it to be a bit simpler or a bit more unique.

These are just some things to think about and consider before you purchase your special prom dress. However, there are also some other points that you should always look out for, but actually not that many people do look for these a lot and they just tend to fall in love with a dress.

But sometimes the dress wouldn’t actually suit your shade of skin and your hair color. We all know some types of colors may not suit everyone, as it can make people sometimes look a little washed out no matter how much we love the color.

But there’s no need to worry as we’re going to guide you through which colors will suit you the best for your prom dress.

How to Make a Prom Dress More Modest - Styling Tips


making a prom dress more modest

Prom dresses can be sexy. Some are even a little too sexy. That's not a style choice that everyone is comfortable with. Sometimes its best to leave a little to the imagination.

There are plenty of ways to be more modest on your prom night and this is often a more age-appropriate choice too. There are some styling tricks that can transform a daring dress into something a little more concealed, or at least more worry-free. No one wants a dreaded nip-slip or Marilyn Monroe skirt flutter moment (although she owned it!).

With a whole range of prom dresses out there for you to pick from, many designs expose various parts of your body and may even require a particular type of special underwear.

Backless dresses and designs with a deep plunge need specific underwear to make them work - such as stick-on cups or a backless bra.

If you plan to wear one of these, wearing some kind of bra will make you more relaxed. Even if the neckline slips out of place, at least you don't have to worry too much.

However, this may not be modest enough for you. If not, simply opt for a dress with a higher neckline instead. Boat or high halter designs are so elegant and a lot more conservative in style. 

Prom Dresses With Sleeves

Long or short sleeves allow you to cover your arms or shoulders and if it's not an area you feel comfortable showing, this is a great option. Sleeves can be sheer or opaque, so make sure you look closely at the dress and that you feel good when you try it on. A cap sleeve design is another option - this just covers your shoulders and makes it easier to wear a standard bra too (neckline permitting!). 

How Much Does Prom Cost? Budgeting Tips for Prom Night


how much does a prom dress cost

Prom should be all about making the best memories as you prepare to graduate high school and move into the adult world. However, many teenage girls worry about the costs associated with prom night, and that can be a big strain on parents too. The cost of prom night overall can be high - there are so many things to think about, including the prom ticket, dress, accessories and more. Besides that, there are 'extra' costs that you may or may not want to include. These include salon trips, use of a professional makeup artist, professional pre-prom photography shoot, hired transportation such as a limo service, pre-dinner event or after-prom plans. 

All-in-all, the costs can add up quickly and be financially draining for any family. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cut some of the superfluous costs out, while making sure you enjoy the night to its full extent. We'll look at the average cost of prom too, so you know what to expect as prom night approaches.

How much is a prom ticket?

To go to prom, you need a prom ticket. These are sold by the prom committee and if you're bringing a date or intend to ask someone to go with you, you'll probably need to buy 2 or get a 'couple ticket'. Prom ticket prices will be set by the committee, and simply cover the costs for the night itself. DJ, food, drinks, decorations, and photography are often be included in the price. Your prom may also include a dinner or meal, which will make the ticket price higher. Prices can range from around $30 for a couple up to $100 if dinner and extras are included. 

What to Do With Your Prom Dress Once Prom is Over


how to sell your prom dress

Once prom night is over and some of your best high school memories have been made, you may be asking yourself what to do with your prom dress.

Prom dresses, even affordable ones, deserve to be worn more than once! However, it can be hard to see when you'll have another opportunity to wear it again.

There are many, many ways you can actually put that beautiful dress to good use, so don't think of the purchase as being at all wasteful. Even if it made you feel beautiful for one night, it was absolutely worth it! 

If you want to get more value for money, you can keep this in mind when buying the prom dress itself. Look at it as an investment piece rather than a once-off purchase.

Search for a timeless design that is simple, elegant and presents the possibility to be worn again. That means choosing a dress based on what suits you and your sense of style, rather than just buying an obviously trendy piece.

 A simple dress with a flowy but not A-line shape, without many details, is the easiest kind of dress to transform and wear again, as a maxi-dress or special occasion outfit.

If that seems too plain and boring for your prom, you can jazz it up by adding a brooch, statement jewelry, and daring accessories.

Promposals & How to Ask Someone to Prom


original promposal idea

One of the most fun and exciting parts about prom night is who you decide to go with! You can ask a date, a friend or go with a whole group of close friends. Either way, it'll be a fun-filled experience and enjoyable in different ways. Often, teens feel a lot of pressure to ask someone to prom, especially guys. It can be especially hard to know who to ask if you're not dating someone at the moment.

You can use prom to conquer your fears and ask your crush on a date! Or you can simply ask a close friend instead of a boyfriend. Don't pressure yourself and remember, its always nicer to go with someone you already feel comfortable with, so you won't be nervous on this special night. Whatever you decide, there are a few different ways you ask someone to go with you. We're looking at the common choices most teens make and how to approach them to make your prom date say 'yes'! 

What is a prom proposal?

A prom proposal (promposal) is a new emerging trend. Much like a marriage proposal, it's simply asking your date the question 'will you go to prom with me?', but in your own unique way. Promposals come in many forms, from videos to decorations and cardboard art-work. Some people also include a gift such as flowers or chocolates. It's important to remember that not every guy has to stage an elaborate promposal. These are mostly performed by teens who are already in a relationship, as a cute way to ask their girlfriend to the dance. If you feel creative and inspired, there are a few ways you can make your promposal special and original.

How to Prepare Your Skin, Hair & Nails for Prom


prom skin, hair and beauty tips

It's time to glow up for prom! Getting that glossy highlighted look takes a little time and effort, but it's totally worth it for this big occasion. You don't need a big budget to treat yourself to some self-care before prom night. Many salon treatments can be easily replicated at home for a fraction of the price with similar results, depending on what you want to do. If you're planning on skipping the salon visits and want to DIY most of your beauty look, check out some Youtube tutorials and follow our helpful list to make sure you have everything checked off before the big day.

Try to start working on perfecting your skin, hair, and nails at least 2 months in advance so that the new glow has a chance to really shine through. Begin by taking a trip to your favorite beauty store. Make a list of everything you'll need to start a simple new prom beauty regime at home. This should include these key products:

  • Body exfoliator scrub/exfoliating mitt or brush
  • Rejuvenating hair mask and hair oil (Argan oil is very popular)
  • Facial exfoliator product, peel or mask
  • A vitamin-rich moisturizer 
  • A deep cleansing facial product
  • Razors, shaving foam, etc 
  • A hand and nail oil/cream to help lengthen and strengthen your nails
  • A simple manicure set including a nail file
  • Fake tanning products if you wish to use these on prom night
  • What to Wear Underneath Your Prom Dress: Underwear Guide


    Choosing underwear for under a prom dress

    After you purchase your prom dress, don't forget to consider what kind of underwear to wear underneath it. Prom dresses can be quite complexly designed and not every dress will work with standard day-to-day undergarments.

    This just means finding the right kind of bra and panties to pair with your chosen prom dress that will make the whole outfit seamless, comfortable and easy to wear.

    No one wants to spend this enjoyable night worrying about a wardrobe malfunction, and making sure your underwear fits well with the dress is so important. Here are a few tips for getting this right.

    Shapewear for prom

    Shapewear is one option for prom night and could help to highlight your curves in all of the right places. High waist seamless panties and strapless corset style shapewear are all popular options for formal events, as they highlight your narrow waist and create an hourglass shape.

    They work particularly well with a mermaid design or strapless ball gown style dresses. This can be a great way to feel more secure in your prom dress and is a celebrity red carpet styling hack that many stars use for big events!

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