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How to Shop for a Prom Dress


prom dress shopping top tips

Prom dress shopping is one of the best parts about preparing for your prom night. You get to try on lots of beautiful gowns, create a memorable look that is unique to you, and pick out gorgeous accessories to complete the outfit. This is all a part of the prom experience and what makes the build-up to the big night so special.

Prom dress shopping shouldn't be something to stress about! There are a few ways you can make the whole experience a little easier, just in case you start to feel a bit overwhelmed and can't pick a dress. We're here to share with you a few tips and tricks for shopping in physical stores for your prom dress. These are some guidelines to follow just to make this enjoyable experience go smoothly and successfully. So, gather up your besties, your mom or whoever your fave shopping partner is. It's time to get a high dose of retail therapy!

When should you buy your prom dress?

First things first, you need to decide when you should start actually shopping. This will depend on when your prom is. For most high schoolers, prom night usually falls at the end of the academic year, however, this can sometimes vary. If prom night has a date scheduled for some time at the beginning of the summer, you can begin to shop for prom dresses as early as January of the same year. Most prom dress retailers and designers will release their collections for the upcoming year the Fall before. This means you have an almost full year to take a look through all of the dresses! 

A Guide for Guys: What to Wear to Prom


how to style a prom suit

Preparing for prom isn't just for the girls attending. The boys need to also pick out their outfit and figure out how to style themselves, especially if they're going with a date they hope to coordinate with. If it's your first time going to prom, it might not be obvious what you should and shouldn't wear.

Prom is a formal occasion and you'll need special formal attire to meet the dress code. This means you will have to purchase or rent a suit, buy accessories such as a tie, shirt, and shoes. These are the main aspects you'll need to think about when styling yourself for prom night. You should also speak to your prom date to find out what colors she'll be wearing. If possible, ask her to send photos of the dress and accessories for reference.

Do you have to wear a tux for prom?

While most proms are formal, you usually aren't required to wear a tuxedo. A tux is usually kept for 'black tie' occasions only. If the prom dress code is standard, you should only need to wear a formal suit.

There are many stores where you can rent or buy a suit for prom night, and staff can help you find the right fit for you. You'll need to make sure the suit jacket sits correctly across your shoulders (you should be able to move freely while still having a tailored look). The pants should not need to be folded at the end and should graze the top of your shoe, but not cover them. 

How to Color Match Your Prom Dress With Shoes & Accessories


color matching prom shoes and dress

Color coordination for prom should be streamlined and simple. Too many colors in an outfit can look messy and unpolished. No matter what color dress you choose, it's always good to wear accessories that are in another color and contrast a little with the rest of your outfit. This means picking another shade to team up with your prom dress that doesn't clash but adds a further color tone to the final look. For every dress, there are multiple ways to style it and several colors that will match well. If you don't have an artistic eye, it can be a simple case of selecting a relatively neutral shade to complete your look. This is a good option if your dress has a few colors or embellishments already.  We'll guide you through some of the common questions and combinations that are out there, hopefully leading you to find the perfect match when you shop for a prom clutch and heels. 

Neutral Colors for Prom Accessories

One of the easiest options is to go for a neutral color choice. Colors such as black, white, nude, gold and silver are usually good matches for most color prom dresses. Metallic tones can add a sparkling touch to an otherwise simple dress. If your dress already has embellishment, you can use that color to match to your shoes and bag. For example, gold sequins with gold heels, etc. Nude is a very popular color and can have a 'barely there' look. If your dress makes a big statement, a nude bag and shoes can be a good way to tone the outfit down a little, while also still looking dressy enough for prom night. 

Prom Dress Alterations & Styling Hacks You Can Do Yourself


how to shorten a prom dress

Got a problem with your prom dress, or simply want to make it more unique? There are many ways you can change or adjust a dress slightly at home, without having to take it to a professional tailor or seamstress.

Of course, if your dress needs to be made smaller, bigger or have the hemline changed, it's always a good idea to pay someone with experience to do this for you.

You don't want to destroy a perfectly good dress by experimenting on it, so be careful before you make an attempt to change anything and do your research! 

With that said, there are some quick hacks to apply to your dress if there is an element you want to adjust slightly. You can give it a quick makeover in time for your prom night.

This is especially helpful if you've bought a second-hand dress and want to make it your own, or just make it fit a little better on your frame.

Most of these are pretty risk-free to attempt yourself but make sure you're focused on the task at hand and have the right tools or materials to do the alteration well. 

Here are a few of the most common hacks people want to try out on their own prom dresses and how to approach doing them yourself at home.

How to Avoid the Worst Prom Dress Fails


don't buy knock-off prom dresses

Prom dress fails - we've all seen the Youtube videos and photos of people who've ordered a dress online, only for it to turn out extremely badly. From weird materials to strange fits, these viral prom dress fails are definitely hilarious, but not something you want to experience yourself. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to avoid a dress disaster that could ruin your special night. We're here to share some tips for buying and wearing your dress to avoid some of the worst and most embarrassing common errors. That means a night free from regrets (unless your date turns out to be a party-pooper!).

Don't buy a knock-off or cheap prom dress online

This is the most important tip! Firstly, if you choose to shop for your prom dress online, don't be fooled by the low prices and random online stores. You need to find a reputable online store that sells authentic dresses before you start shopping. Most of the biggest prom dress fails can be sourced back to orders from eBay or other similar marketplaces, and while the photos were great on the site, the dress itself was a knock-off.

Your best bet is to find a boutique store online. If you do find your dream dress on eBay, make sure it's not a Chinese wholesaler who is going to send you a very bad knock-off version of the photos you've seen on the listing! Message the person and ask them where they got the dress and if they have an original receipt, etc. Do some investigating before you buy.

How To Look Romantic During Your Prom Party


Do you think it is imperative to express your personality through your outfit? We also think so, that's why we'll teach you to take it to another level: how to choose prom dresses if you're a romantic girl. Based on the latest collection of Jovani Fashion, we can highlight that red is the color of romanticism and sensuality, so consider it when choosing your design, especially if you plan to attend with your crush.
On the other hand, there are also designs and models with prints, lace, transparencies, tulle, and various applications. We have created a list that explains it much better:

Sophistication Must Be Your First Choice


On this occasion, we want to open the door for a theme that designers from big names like Jovani Fashion always take into consideration. Sophistication is a constant goal for girls around the world, is a type of style that you can apply in all kinds of events, from weddings, dinners, outings with your friends and even for those thinking of the prom party; So, How to look more glamorous and elegant?. In the following examples, we will share some tips that will allow you to have a classy and stylish fashion sense carved-out exclusively for you.

The "Yes" And "No's" That Every Curvy Girl Must Know About


Some of the favorite outfits are dresses; however, the girls don't always know how to select them appropriately or make a lot of mistakes without realizing it. They leave aside the size, cut and colors, therefore, instead of using them in their favor, they do it against them. Hence, in Jovani we have a small list of mistakes to avoid when buying a dress and the best fashion choices for our daily wardrobe.


Now, let's talk about the most common mistakes

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