Prom Dresses 2021

Buy a prom dress 2021 on a budget online easily with JVN through an authorized retailer. Get the right look and style for your big night. Shop the new prom dress collection with high-end design for a fraction of the price. Our prom designers create dresses in a full range of styles to flatter every girl. Shop many dress colors, trending styles and unique designs with the best quality and without breaking the bank.

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Dresses for Prom 2021

Dare to look different in our range of prom dresses 2021 that suit so many tastes and personalities. A dress has to be a reflection of your personality. If you love a classic look, show off your taste in a classic cut, color, and long dress such as a light blue mermaid gown. While, if you are a daring girl, you’ll look gorgeous in a prom gown style featuring the trend of the year. A dress that has fashionable cuts, styles, and colors Also if you want to see more styles and designs please make sure to check the Jovani Prom Dresses collection.


We provide you with an exceptional range of different classic and modern prom gowns, petite to plus size. Choose to dress beautifully this prom with our range of designs with many necklines and silhouettes at the best prices. Flaunt your red carpet inspired style, with so many colors to pick from ranging from light blue to yellow, burgundy red, and navy blue. Read on for our prom guide of elegance, glamour, and modernity.

Prom dresses mermaid cut

The "siren" cut prom dresses 2021 are the favorite design of elegant events. As one of the top prom styles, mermaid dresses 2021 are synonymous with glamour, elegance, and sensuality. This makes them a prom favorite, and for good reason. These dresses manage to highlight your best attributes while keeping it modest. Ideal for Women with hourglass and triangular-shaped figures. Find them in a range of fabrics with embellishments and sequins.

Prom dresses ball gown

Inspired by ancient and classic fashion, we have prom dresses ball gowns for 2021. Characterized by being that fairytale princess dress. This dress has a stunning fitted waist and a voluminous skirt. Helping disguise the hips and accentuate the overall figure. That's why it's the ideal choice for girls with curves. We also combine this style of a princess with other details such as rhinestones. In the same style as Cinderella, you will feel like a Disney princess about to go to the dance with a prince.

Velvet Dresses

The velvet prom dresses are one of this year's favorites materials. It is a very glamorous fabric with a high dose of sensuality. It's perfect for an elegant event or an evening event. The short prom dresses display an extraordinary power of attraction, thanks to the vibrant colors as wine, black or light blue. Likewise, it is very comfortable fabric. Softness, brightness, and intensity are the three characteristics of velvet.

Metallic Dress

One of the best trends of prom dresses JVN 2021 is metallic dresses. You can shine bright in this metallic material. Our favorite colors for metallic dresses are gold, silver, blue, and copper. We combine this type of fabric with fabulous fashion necklines. 

Cut Out Dress

This type of dress style is ideal for girls who want to be sexy and elegant. It is a unique prom style that highlights some parts of the body, which are usually covered. You can choose between very serious or daring cuts. It is ideal for a prom gown to appear sensual, but at the same time sophisticated without losing the glamour.

Two-Piece Prom Gowns

It is the prom dress indicated for girls who love to break away from a traditional style. There are nowadays proposals for two-piece dresses that help achieve comfort and naturalness. Our prom dresses are characterized by combining a crop top and a voluminous skirt combined with a tulle skirt. The best thing about this style is that you can mix fabrics that help create a correct and exquisite combination. It also helps define the silhouette and characteristics of the female figure. It is a different and daring style that has become the perfect style for the prom party. 

Dresses With Bare Shoulders

It is one of the fashion trends that has caused a furor in the world of fashion. A prom gown with bare shoulders is a big trend fashionistas love. Bare shoulders style has returned in a modern and stylish way for 2021. Best of all, it consists of an elegant and, at the same time, a trendy alternative.


The asymmetric prom dress style are the right alternative for girls who love to break with the classic. Also, it stands out for the use of silk fabric, as well as the whole or printed tones. The asymmetrical cut gives a sensual and sophisticated touch to your outfit.


Black is an interesting color with a lot of history. Since the 20's when Coco Chanel introduced to the world of fashion the color black. Black was given a new meaning more than the use of solitude or sadness. Currently, black is capable of providing elegance, sensuality, and sophistication. A black prom gown has the effect of being able to stand out against other colors. Dresses prom are exceptional and timeless in Black.


Besides black, another perfect color for an event of this type is red. Within our entire collection, we have a series of red dresses. You can choose from a classic red to a red with orange tones. It is the ideal shade for girls with a lot of attitude and confidence.


The use of lace in prom dresses is one of the sweetest and most elegant style trends at the same time. Also, another of the significant benefits of this fabric is that it is effortless to combine. It is the best option to wear a sweet outfit. 


A prom dress with details of glitter has become ideal for girls who love the sophisticated. The use of sparkling elements brings a total touch of glamor to any gown.


Sparkle bright in shimmering and glittering sequins to set you apart on prom night. Our sequin designs help you to turn a dress into a very special garment with an effortless style. This design was born with the intention of helping you look dazzling. The favorite colors are black, blue and red.


The V-neckline is characterized by being a deep neckline style with a daring silhouette. This type of clothing helps to highlight the area of the clavicle, considered one of the sexiest and feminine regions of every woman. It is an ideal neckline for most girls.

Enjoy with us the adventure of finding the perfect prom dress 2021. Get a dream prom dress by shopping online for the top trends such as rose gold, lace dresses, or any type of prom outfits you are dreaming of. Buy designer prom gowns online by body type, neckline or silhouette. Pick from many top shades like champagne, burgundy, yellow or pink. Leave a lasting impression in a strapless piece or make a statement in a classic sweetheart.