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Prom dresses Seattle


Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, it the northwest of the United States of America. The metropolitan area of ​​the city includes Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, it is the 15th most populated in the country and the largest in the Pacific Northwest. As an important economic, cultural and educational center, it is one of the most colorful and well-known venues in the territory during its prom season. In Jovani Fashion we have decided to pay tribute to each girl creating a beautiful and impressive collection. With great force, this new line of prom dresses in Seattle invites you to play with different genres and combine smooth textures with embroidery, prints, and unicolored-pieces, as well as transparencies. Printed skirts with full-length bodices or models with A cut, flare skirts with upper structured, accentuating the femininity.

The long designs have a central role in the proposal of prom party dresses in Seattle for this season 2019; designs with European, inspiration tight and bright, and on the other hand we also have dresses with a lot volume like overskirts made of translucent fabrics. These majestic models will never go unnoticed, so they are ideal for showing off at events held in large classrooms and with many guests. The concept in party dresses for this season includes a broad palette of color; they range from green to traditional gray or black. Red and gold are another of the favorite mixes, which will make you look striking, attractive and very sophisticated. The key is that the golden flashes seem very sober using them in brooches, locks or to emphasize the neckline in front or back; perfect for confident girls who do not want to go unnoticed. There is also the color white. Although this color was commonly ignored for a long time in prom parties, they look fabulous when the party is going to be held in outdoors and in some cases. If you are a melanin queen, blue provides a wide range of tones, all fascinating, and that perfectly fits the spirit of any themed prom party and of course, for you. The lightest tones are intended for dark skin and are excellent for events that start during the day, while the dark ones can shine at night and create a charming contrast. Now let's talk about those girls with rebellious spirit. This region is famous for being the birthplace of grunge music, also known as the Seattle sound, and bands that drove that movement in the early 90s like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. If you want to break with the tax etiquette schemes (respecting the rules of your institution), you can opt for the one-piece-pants models. Elegant, glamorous and very cosmopolitan, the jumpsuits are another common option for this year. They can be worn in a with the jacket at the time of the arrive; combined with a layer of tulle or just with black stilettos. One of the novelties this season for prom dresses in Seattle is the purple color in its variants, both the lighter and darker tones. Elegant designs that will triumph before any of your companions. Remember that you can purchase your perfect dress at the Celeste Boutique store located at 15401 1ST Avenue.



Visit us today at 15401 1ST AVE, SEATTLE, WA 98148 in UNITED STATES! Phone: 206 242 0338

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