Red Prom Dresses

Red is a classic, elegant, and sexy color. Anyone can feel confident in a beautiful red gown, so it is the perfect choice for a prom dress for 2019. You can find dresses in different shades of red, different silhouettes, different patterns, and so much more, but the common thread is red. Whatever your taste or personality, you can find a stunning red dress from JVN that will make you feel like a queen.

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This collection includes petite and plus sizes, nearly any neckline you could desire, and a few different customizations. Consider adding a little extra glam to your favorite red dress with some sequins or beaded details. Maybe you would like an open back for a little extra glamour. Whatever you decide, this collection has a perfect red gown that will suit your heart’s desire.

The Perfect Shade For You


There are a number of gorgeous burgundy dresses in the prom 2020 collection. Burgundy is an elegant shade of red, slightly darker, but still bright and bold. Many of our burgundy dresses have another color detail, such as black or silver, to offset the bold red. You can find A-line, ballgowns, sweetheart necklines, and more – all in a beautiful shade of burgundy.


This particular hue of red strays just enough towards pink that it’s flirty and fun. Consider a classic cherry V neck, A-line gown, or an off the shoulder pleated skirt. All of these and more are available in this sweet cherry shade of red, perfect for a girl looking for a little extra boldness from her red dress.


Ruby is a popular gemstone and the birthstone of July babies. It is also a favorite prom dress color for 2020. This shade is just a touch darker than the true red you might picture and feels sultry and elegant. A sleek ruby gown is perfect for the girl hoping to feel like a Hollywood starlet on prom night. This color would look truly amazing on a red carpet! Pin up your hair in a classic updo from the Golden Age of Hollywood and you have a look that is sure to impress everyone at the prom.


Wine leans just enough towards purple to feel bold and romantic without truly leaving red behind. Everyone knows what red wine looks like – now imagine that color on a dress. Wine feels royal in many ways, associated with monarchy, crowns, and romance. The JVN red dress collection features a number of wine-colored gowns, from high necklines for a more secure feeling to a strapless sweetheart for a little extra glam. Wine is a great choice and flattering on most skin tones, too.

Bright Red

Always a classic, the JVN prom 2019 collection has all the bright red dresses your heart could ever desire. If you want a sweetheart neckline or a plunging V neck, you can find one in a bold, bright red reminiscent of Valentine’s Day and red carpets. There are ballgowns, A-line, empire waist, pleated skirts, and so many more beautiful gowns available in a truly bold shade of red that will have all eyes to you when you walk in the room. 

If you want to feel classic and elegant or bold and sexy, bright red is the perfect choice. It’s all in how you feel and how you style and accessorize it.

Styling Your Dress

While the dress is important, what is most important is how you feel in it. One of the great things about the JVN prom 2019 collection is the ability to customize your dress. You can get a short dress or a long gown, you can get an open back or a high neck. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident is the dress you should have. 

Many of our red dresses also feature bold patterns. If you want to truly make a statement, one of these might be the perfect gown for you. Some of them are sleeker and simpler, with a classic shape for an elegant look. A popular pairing choice with red dresses is metallic tones like silver or gold. Many of the JVN dresses feature pops of these metallic shades for a little extra flair. 

Sequins are also very popular and can be added to your dress in many cases. If you want to sparkle, this is a great choice. If you choose to go for a shorter length, you may be able to re-wear your dress to a party or event even after prom has ended. Still, long gowns are the most popular choice for prom, and for good reason. Prom is the chance to go all out for style, so a floor-length gown is exactly the right choice to make you feel beautiful and stunning.

The great thing about prom dresses, no matter the length, is the available necklines. You can find nearly any combination of length and neckline at JVN. You can get a plunging V neck or a high neckline with or without sleeves. You can get an open back, or one that covers it completely. You can find dresses with a slit in the skirt or a full skirt. Prom dresses should make you feel exactly as sexy or proper as you wish to feel and look, and that is what the JVN collection of red prom dresses can do for you.

Accessorize It! 

To finish off your look, you will want some accessories, such as jewellery and heels. Some girls may also want a stylish clutch to carry their belongings in. You can go bold with the jewellery and more classic with your dress for a stunning result. Or, you can keep your necklace and earrings simple and let the dress be the center of attention. Truly, the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable and beautiful.

The red prom dress collection has a dress for every figure and size. From floor-length, to short and flirty, to plunging V necks, to sweetheart necklines, and every other style you can think of – you are sure to find the exact dress to make you feel like royalty this prom season!