How To Make Sure Your Prom Goes Smoothly

Prom night is one of the most exciting events in any high schooler’s life but, of course, with all the anticipation comes a fair bit of anxiety too.

With so many things to organize, rent and book prom can become quite a stressful event if you don’t prepare well.However, by preparing everything in advance, you can truly have a great prom and ensure that everything runs smoothly. At prom, everyone has a vital part to play. Everyone’s actions are a part of a larger chain, and in many cases, one thing cannot be done without the other.

For example, girls cannot even begin to think about their dress if they haven’t even been asked to prom yet by their date or organized a group. Guys cannot rent their tuxedos or order a corsage without knowing what their date is going to be wearing.

As you can see, there is a lot of room for things to go wrong quite quickly when planning the perfect prom. If you manage to remain organized and sort out all the details early on in the planning process, we can guarantee that your prom will go smoothly.

You don’t want anything getting in the way of a great night!

Why You Need Your Prom To Go Smoothly

Prom is the biggest event in the school calendar. It’s an event that most girls and guys have been thinking about since their very first day of high school.It truly can be magical and is certainly going to create memories for a lifetime!

When looking back on your prom, you don’t want to be thinking about all of the stress and all of the things that went wrong. You want to be able to focus on all of the good bits - how great you looked in your dress; your hot date; the dancing and how fun it was.

By getting prepared for prom early and organizing all the details of the night as soon as you can, you are making sure that everything will run smoothly.

Think of it like getting through your chores so you can go out and have fun with your friends. You need to get the important stuff done early so you can actually have a great time!

A lot of events at prom rely on other people, either waiting for your date to ask the question or securing an appointment with an awesome hairdresser. This is where things can potentially go wrong.

The Ultimate Guide To Prom Organization

Prom comes with a long to-do list of things that must be sorted before you can even think about the fun stuff. Once you get everything booked, organized and arranged you can finally relax and enjoy your special night.

This is how you can get organized early, so you have the best prom ever.Invite and book tickets Before you can even think about anything else, like finding the perfect dress or planning your makeup, you need to confirm your invite first.

Maybe you’re waiting for a special someone to ask you to prom, or perhaps you’re planning on going to a big group of galpals. Whatever way you’re doing prom you need to get it organized as soon as possible. You need to make sure you ask your significant other or friends to prom early on, so you don’t miss out on getting your tickets. Once you’ve asked, been asked or organized a group go straight to your school office and book your prom tickets.Once the night has been booked, you can start looking into other, and in many cases more fun, details.Remember that it is vital, once you’ve got your tickets, that you keep them in a safe place or with a trusted person. You don’t want to lose them before the big night.

Finding the dress well in advance For girls, getting the perfect prom dress is perhaps the most exciting part of prom season.Prom is likely the be the first opportunity most girls have had to wear a formal gown, and they want to make the most out of it! Because there is so much pressure to get it right, finding the best prom dress for you can be a stressful occurrence. The only thing that would make this worse would be a deadline. If you are shopping for a prom dress too close to the special night, you are going to feel stressed and are unlikely to find the best one.To avoid any unnecessary stress, start looking for your dress as soon as you have your prom invite. In fact, many girls actually look for their perfect prom dress during the semester to give themselves extra time. The earlier, the better! Even if you start looking into the best kind of prom dresses, those that flatter your body shape and fashions that you really like, you will find the final process a lot easier. By having a good idea about what you want you will be able to find your perfect dress more easily.Once you’ve got your dress, inform your date or your friends of what you have so they can get themselves organized early too.

Book beauty appointments

Once you’ve found your dress, you now know what kind of look you’re going for. The next step is to book your hair and makeup appointments.Depending on what kind of salon or professional you are hiring, prom bookings start early and can fill up very quickly. To guarantee that you get the look you want, you need to make sure you book your beauty appointments as early on in the season as you can.This will not only save you a lot of stress as the prom season goes on but will also save any disappointment should your favorite beautician be too busy to help. When booking these appointments, aim to book the earliest slot you can. Of course, when getting your hair or makeup done you want to ensure that your look lasts the night, so getting them done first thing in the morning mightn’t be the best idea!Make sure you book an appointment that is early enough in the day to allow for everything else to happen, like getting ready and meeting up with friends, while still ensuring you will look your best when prom actually starts.Most beauty professionals will provide touch-up kits, like face powder or hairspray, should you need a little extra before prom starts. This allows for early appointments, to avoid stress, as well as making sure you will look just as good when prom starts.

Arrange and book your transportation

No matter what you plan for prom, none of it will matter if you don’t make it there on time.Regardless of who you are going to prom with – is it just you and your date or are you going in a large group? – booking transport can be stressful, especially if done on a deadline.Once you have booked your tickets, the next step is to discover how many people are traveling together. If you are going in a large group, then booking a bus may be necessary. However, if it is only you and your date then booking a fancy car will be on the cards.Make sure you have confirmed your numbers before trying to book transport, as this is helpful for the hire company. If you’re booking a bus for you, your date and all your friends and aren’t quite sure exactly how many people will be coming on the night, it is better to book more seats then less.Even though no one can predict what will happen in the future and it is almost impossible to plan for cancellations, booking extra seats is a great way to prevent any stress. It is better to make sure everyone has a seat in the transport, rather than being overcrowded. The journey to prom should be fun and exciting. You don’t want to feel stressed or uncertain, as these feelings are likely to flow into the rest of your night and ruin it. You want to go into prom looking and feeling your best for the best night possible!

Order Corsages

Although ordering corsages is typically a guy thing to do for his date, these days many people either buy them for themselves or their friends.Many florists will allow you to pick up your corsage on prom night or can deliver it to you in advance. Once you know what color scheme you’re going for this prom, try to order your corsage as early as possible. When prom season rolls around, local florists will be inundated with your classmates looking for the perfect corsage. Avoid the rush and get it sorted early.

Final Step: Enjoy!

Prom truly is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The memories made at your prom will be looked back on for years to come, so you want to make the absolute most out of every minute!