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Becoming a prom dresses fashionista without falling into seasonal clichés


Becoming a prom dresses fashionista without falling into seasonal clichésMarch announces the beginning of spring, prom season and also the race to find the perfect look. From walking through the school halls to watching TV and scrolling down on Instagram, you can already feel the pressure of fashion trends; suddenly thousands of style rules begin to accumulate as a burden on your shoulders - but today, you are going to take control of them.

Choosing the best style for the prom and feeling more beautiful than ever has nothing to do with becoming a fashion slave or perpetuating the famous motto "pretty hurts." On the contrary, the prom dresses are the ones that must comply with three basic requirements to become the right ones for you, since they must:

  • Look stunning and suiting to your personality.

  • Be versatile to rock them with both stilettos and with flats -especially for dancing-.

  • Lie within the price limit that you and your parents consider reasonable.

Let'stalk about the dress code.

For spring-summer collections, traditional designers usually present dresses in the same color range and concept, so the options are generally quite scanty (not to mention expensive). On the other end, you'll find the department stores, which are limited to mimic what is trending in the world and have the lowest quality (and least reliable) models of the entire market.

The best prom dresses for 2020


The best prom dresses for 2020

Every teenage girl's dream is going to prom, and most girls would have been planning their dress for months and sometimes years. The dress is the most important part of the night, and every aspect of it matters. Not only this, but you want to be the girl who has the best dress on the night so everyone can envy you.

This is where we come in to help you. Just below is a list of all of the trends that will be the most sought after and the most popular in 2020. So be the girl that will wear what everyone else wants to.

Rose Gold

This color has been trending a lot in the past couple of years, and we can really see why, as it’s a pretty outstanding color. A prom dress in this shade would look truly amazing, and even better if it had a touch of glitter too!

There are also lots of added benefits that come with the color rose gold, and this is the fact that you’re able to buy a whole variety of jewelry that is the same shade or at least very similar. Therefore your whole outfit will completely match and look so elegant together.

How to Buy Your Prom Dress Online


online prom dress shopping

Shopping online has become hugely popular, and you can now even buy your prom dress this way! Many people worry about shopping online. It's true that it can be a little harder to find the right size.

Another problem is reliability. You need to be sure that you make your purchase with a good online store. That means checking to ensure they sell authentic dresses and have a good reputation.

Buying your prom dress online has many benefits. It's easier to keep an eye open for sales this way. This is essential if you're already on a tight budget. Finding an affordable prom dress can be difficult, especially when you still want good quality.

You can also find more variety with internet shopping. One store simply can't stock a whole collection.

By buying online, you're able to shop many more dresses. It's also a great idea if you don't have many stores near you that sell prom dresses you like.

You can find a dress that better fits your personality or size. This is especially true for very petite or plus size girls, who might not find their sizes so easily in physical stores.

With that in mind, here are some of the best tips to make sure your online prom shopping experience goes as planned. 

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming Prom Queen


how to be prom queen

Prom queen and king get the most attention on prom night. They're given a crown during the night itself and it's always a huge part of the event.

If you have aspirations to win over the crown, you'll need to know how.

Becoming prom queen isn't always easy. Especially if there are many other girls who want to win the title too. This isn't just a popularity contest. You have to understand how to win people over and get them to vote for you! 

If you want to be prom queen, you'll want to wear a prom dress that really stands out from the crowd.

Setting yourself apart is important on the lead-up to the big night itself. You want to show why you deserve to become queen.

This means having a friendly attitude, offering a helping hand when you can and getting involved with school activities. You need to show off your kind, fun and helpful side!

A prom queen should be a beautiful person on the inside. Her personality is what will win over everyone. 

To get you ready for your crown, read on to learn about everything that is involved. What being a prom queen is, and how to claim the spot as your own.

How to Do Your Own Makeup for Prom Night


DIY prom makeup

We all want to have flawless makeup, especially for prom night. It can also be expensive to have it done by a professional. You may just want to put your own 'stamp' on your look. If you are confident and love makeup, it's a great idea to do it yourself! You can enjoy the preparing process at home and create a gorgeous beauty look. To make sure you're ready for this, it's a good idea to prepare before. You need to make sure you have all the tools and products you'll need. You should also have a plan and know the type of makeup that works well with your dress.

To do your own makeup for prom night, you'll need to first decide the kind of makeup you love and want to create. You need to practice if the look is complicated, to make sure it will be perfect. Thankfully, there are many amazing tutorials on Youtube that can be a big help. It's easy to steal some professional tips from those in the know. You should also make sure what you pick matches up well with the best of your outfit. You want the style to come together and look cohesive with your accessories too. With that in mind, here are some of the best tips for doing your own makeup for prom night. Get a unique makeup look at home and bring your own vision of beauty life for this special night.

How to Plan Your Beauty Look for Prom Night


how to plan your prom beauty lookThere's a lot involved when planning your prom night. Not only do you have to find a dress, shoes, and accessories. You also have to figure out how to look your best. That means a perfect beauty look with great nails, glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and makeup.

There are so many treatments and appointments you could sign up for. However, there are also many ways you can pamper yourself at home and cut costs.

If you're a pro at doing your nails, you certainly don't need a professional manicure. If you already love the makeup you do on yourself, you don't need a makeup artist! However, some people feel more confident by calling in the professionals. It's also a nice way to relax and treat yourself before prom night. That's perfectly fine too!

If you have several appointments you want to fit in, you might be wondering about the timeline. When should you get your treatments done before prom? We're here to help outline the best course of action for getting yourself ready for prom.

That includes all aspects of your beauty look, from your skin to your teeth!

Remember you can always replicate these treatments at home or do them yourself. There are now so many Youtube tutorials online that make it easy to copy. Just invest in the right tools beforehand and give it a try in advance.

You can always call your friends and turn it into a makeover party.

How to Choose the Right Prom Accessories


choosing prom accessories

Once you've found your perfect prom dress, you'll need to add accessories. It can be hard to pick out the right shoes, bag, and jewelry for your outfit. Color coordination, practical aspects and more all factor in.

You want to look both stylish and comfortable on prom night. You need to be able to have everything you need to hand. Your whole outfit also needs to match up well. We're here to make the process of putting everything together into an outfit a little easier. Here is what you should look out for and consider as you shop for prom accessories.

Remember to importantly keep your dress color in mind. This forms the foundation of your outfit. Bring a picture of your dress with you as you shop for accessories. This will make it easier to match up different tones. You also need to think about its details. If it's embellished, you can use the color of the embellishment to match your shoes and bag. This is a simple way you can instantly look pulled together. There are many ways you can handle coordination and make sure everything is perfect. Here are some of our top tips.

How to Stay Safe During Your Prom Night


prom night safety tipsProm night is your chance to let loose and enjoy yourself! This is a big moment when you celebrate graduation. You're moving into the adult world and are gaining more responsibilities. Prom is a fun and important milestone for every teen to experience.

Just like any other big night out, there can be some few dangers involved. These are easy to avoid by following our simple tips for having a safe prom night. One of the biggest potential dangers around prom night is under-age drinking. Unfortunately, this does happen and can end up with deadly consequences.

It's also important to have a safe plan for after prom wraps up. You don't want to be left alone on the streets walking home. It's a good idea to have a well-thought-out plan, and even a back-up in case it falls through.

One of the most important parts is having good communication. Your parents will likely be worried about you. Having your phone at hand is important. You can quickly send an update or message to your parents if needs be.

Here are a few basic safety tips to follow during your prom night, to make sure it goes perfectly. Remember to relax and have fun, prom is an amazing experience and not something you need to worry about.

Once you have a solid plan and take good care of yourself, you can feel secure and enjoy this big moment.

The Biggest Prom Beauty Mistakes & How to Avoid Them


get the perfect prom makeup

Prom night is a big moment and you want to look flawless. As well as a stunning prom dress, a great beauty look is essential. You want to be able to look back on your photos with pride in years to come. That means avoiding that tell-all 'cringe' when you remember how you styled yourself!

For prom, it's always better to look classic and quite natural. That doesn't mean you have to ditch the glam completely. A stylish eye-shadow look and glowing skin make all the difference.

To avoid the worst prom beauty mistakes, we've put together some of the common errors. These can turn your prom night into a nightmare rather than a dream! If in doubt, keep things simple and focus on highlighting your natural beauty. You don't need to go over-the-top with lots of treatments or makeup.

Present the best version of yourself and bring out that beautiful glow. Create a look that makes you feel gorgeous and confident.

It's also essential that you feel ready to maintain your hair and makeup during the night. This will keep it looking polished as the hours pass by. 

Without further ado, here are some of the biggest beauty fails you could make. Now that you know, it's much easier to avoid them and keep your makeup and hair looking flawless!  

How to Try on Prom Dresses: The Best Tips for a Great Shopping Experience


how to shop for a prom dressTrying on prom dresses is essential to get the perfect fit. It's also a part of the fun when preparing for the big night. Prom shopping is a moment to be enjoyed with friends and family! You may need to go on a few outings to several stores before you find the right dress.

It's possible that your dream gown is the first one you try on too! It's all a part of the process of making that choice. To have the best experience possible, we've put together some helpful tips.

This will make sure you know what to look out for and are prepared. While shopping is always fun, it can be tiring and hard-work at times. These tips will cut out some of the stress involved.

The most important aspect is that your dress is what you have dreamed of. That means a perfect fit and a gown that is comfortable to wear all night. If possible, try on dresses in different styles. Keep an open mind and see what really suits you.

Sometimes our perfect dress is an unexpected match! You can never be completely sure until you experiment with different looks on the day. With that in mind, here are our tips for having a great prom dress shopping experience in stores.

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