How to Stay Safe During Your Prom Night

Prom night is your chance to let loose and enjoy yourself! This is a big moment when you celebrate graduation. You're moving into the adult world and are gaining more responsibilities. Prom is a fun and important milestone for every teen to experience. Just like any other big night out, there can be some few dangers involved. These are easy to avoid by following our simple tips for having a safe prom night. 

One of the biggest potential dangers around prom night is under-age drinking. Unfortunately, this does happen and can end up with deadly consequences. It's also important to have a safe plan for after prom wraps up. You don't want to be left alone on the streets walking home. It's a good idea to have a well-thought-out plan, and even a back-up in case it falls through. One of the most important parts is having good communication. Your parents will likely be worried about you. Having your phone at hand is important. You can quickly send an update or message to your parents if needs be. 

Here are a few basic safety tips to follow during your prom night, to make sure it goes perfectly. Remember to relax and have fun, prom is an amazing experience and not something you need to worry about. Once you have a solid plan and take good care of yourself, you can feel secure and enjoy this big moment. 

how to be safe on prom night

Charge up your phone

Make sure your phone is at 100 percent battery when you leave home. You'll likely be taking lots of selfies, photos from the night and be updating social media. You may also need your phone at the end of the night to contact your transport. It's important your phone has plenty of battery life so you can message parents or friends when you need to. If your phone has a weak battery, slip an extra battery pack into your prom purse. Make sure the pack is also fully charged. This gives you a back-up should your own battery end up dying in the middle of the night. 

Stick with friends

As they say, safety is in numbers. Stay with your friend group during the night, before and at any after-parties. Keep a watchful eye should someone disappear from the group during the evening. This is very important if you're attending a big after-party or are alone on the streets to get to the next location. Keep your group together and make sure no one is left behind at any point. If you all look out for each other, you have a much higher chance of staying safe!

Make a transportation plan

You may need a lift to and from prom, and any other parties happening. Make sure a parent, friend, brother or sister is happy to take on the role. If you are driving yourself, you can offer to take friends to and from the events. Make sure to stay off your phone while driving and avoid alcohol completely. If someone else will pick you up, make sure they know around what time, and message them a little in advance. As a back-up, make sure a parent can be available to get you if someone else falls through. 

Don't drink alcohol

Prom is a beautiful celebration and one you'll want to have clear memories of! Drinking can quickly get messy and dangerous. Even if your friends want to drink, remember that you don't have to. One of the biggest dangers is drunk driving after prom night. There are some scary statistics linked to this. In only the last few years, 300 prom-goers have died in alcohol-related traffic accidents. If you are getting a lift home with someone, make sure they're completely sober. It's essential they haven't drunk during the night. If in doubt, call a parent or someone else to come and get you, and wait in a safe location. Take extra money with you to get a cab home if all else fails.

Share your plans with your parents

Got a big plan for after prom wraps up? It's important to share your itinerary and the times involved with your parents. This way they can message you just to check in if needed. They also know where you are straight away if something goes wrong. Write down the locations and approximate times for them so they will have an idea of where you'll be.