A Guide for Guys: What to Wear to Prom


Preparing for prom isn’t just for the girls attending. The boys need to also pick out their outfit and figure out how to style themselves, especially if they’re going with a date they hope to coordinate with. If it’s your first time going to prom, it might not be obvious what you should and shouldn’t wear.
Prom is a formal occasion and you’ll need special formal attire to meet the dress code. This means you will have to purchase or rent a suit, buy accessories such as a tie, shirt, and shoes. These are the main aspects you’ll need to think about when styling yourself for prom night. You should also speak to your prom date to find out what colors she’ll be wearing. If possible, ask her to send photos of the dress and accessories for reference.
Do you have to wear a tux for prom?
While most proms are formal, you usually aren’t required to wear a tuxedo. A tux is usually kept for ‘black tie’ occasions only. If the prom dress code is standard, you should only need to wear a formal suit.
There are many stores where you can rent or buy a suit for prom night, and staff can help you find the right fit for you. You’ll need to make sure the suit jacket sits correctly across your shoulders (you should be able to move freely while still having a tailored look). The pants should not need to be folded at the end and should graze the top of your shoe, but not cover them.
what guys need for prom

Do you need a vest for prom?
Vest and cummerbunds are usually not required for prom, but this will also depend on the type of suit you’ve picked. There are some styles that just look better with a silk vest beneath them or a cummerbund resting on the waistband. If you’re unsure, simply ask at the store you’re shopping at. However, a simple suit jacket with a great shirt and tie is usually all you’ll need to look perfect for prom night.
How much does it cost to rent a prom suit?
Cost can be a big factor when thinking about renting vs. purchasing. To rent a suit costs on average around $150. You may want to have it dry-cleaned before and after prom to make sure it looks crease-free and is returned in top condition. Keep in mind that you may be held liable if you accidentally damage it on the night too! Buying a suit can be a good option to consider if you think you may wear it again for further events, such as weddings and interviews coming up. There are many great stores with affordable suits in stylish skinny or fitted looks that suit an array of occasions. You can always style it with different shirts and ties to make the outfit different for various events. A suit that fits you well and is made from high-quality materials should last for many years and can be an asset in your wardrobe.
What color suit should I wear to prom?
Choosing the color of your suit is very important. The most popular choices include black, grey/silver, tan/brown, navy, and lighter blue. The color of your suit shouldn’t clash too harshly with your date’s dress. For example, a navy suit and royal blue dress might look a little uncoordinated. If you don’t know what colors match, the best choice is always black or grey. These neutral tones are easier to match up with most dress colors, and you can use your accessories to coordinate with the dress instead.
What kind of shoes do guys wear to prom?
You should pick a pair of formal shoes, made from leather in black, brown or grey to match your suit color. Styles such as loafers and simple dress shoes are all that is required. These can be worn again for future interviews, college applications, graduation, etc. Make sure you pick a neutral shoe that works well with semi-formal pants.
What kind of tie to wear to prom?
A simple skinny silk or matte finish tie in a block color is all you need for prom. The color should contrast a little against your suit, or it can match if you pick a lighter shirt. Stay away from patterns or anything too novelty, a tie should just add a little color but not be the main focus of your look. You could also opt for a bow-tie in a color that matches your date’s dress or accessories.
How to choose a shirt for prom?
Your shirt should be a long sleeve formal dress shirt, with a stiff collar and a full button-up front. Most guys pick a simple white shirt as it’s the easiest to coordinate with any color suit. However, depending on your suit color, you could also opt for silver, deep green, burgundy, black, etc. Make sure that if you do pick a colored shirt, it doesn’t clash with your date and matches up well.
Other prom accessories:
There are other prom accessories which are completely optional but add a stylish twist to your outfit. You can think about adding a pocket square for example (a colored piece of fabric which is folded and displayed in your top suit pocket). You may also want to make sure your socks match the outfit in case they are shown as you walk. A great watch and a leather wallet are always great additions to a formal look.