How to Color Match Your Prom Dress With Shoes & Accessories


Color coordination for prom should be streamlined and simple. Too many colors in an outfit can look messy and unpolished. No matter what color dress you choose, it’s always good to wear accessories that are in another color and contrast a little with the rest of your outfit. This means picking another shade to team up with your prom dress that doesn’t clash but adds a further color tone to the final look. For every dress, there are multiple ways to style it and several colors that will match well. If you don’t have an artistic eye, it can be a simple case of selecting a relatively neutral shade to complete your look. This is a good option if your dress has a few colors or embellishments already.  We’ll guide you through some of the common questions and combinations that are out there, hopefully leading you to find the perfect match when you shop for a prom clutch and heels.
Neutral Colors for Prom Accessories
One of the easiest options is to go for a neutral color choice. Colors such as black, white, nude, gold and silver are usually good matches for most color prom dresses. Metallic tones can add a sparkling touch to an otherwise simple dress. If your dress already has embellishment, you can use that color to match to your shoes and bag. For example, gold sequins with gold heels, etc. Nude is a very popular color and can have a ‘barely there’ look. If your dress makes a big statement, a nude bag and shoes can be a good way to tone the outfit down a little, while also still looking dressy enough for prom night.
how to color coordinate prom accessories

Nude is seen as very modern and sleek, and a great alternative to wearing simple black. Below are some of the most common color coordination questions about how to style a color dress with accessories. Discover the best options for your prom dress color. 
What shoes to wear with a red prom dress?
Red is a gorgeous and rich color that steals the spotlight when its part of an outfit. Keep all of the attention on the vibrant red tone by option for subtle accessories. If your dress has no embellishment, add silver shoes and a matching silver clutch, as well as silver jewels. If your dress is printed or has many design features, opt for either white or black to subtly complete the outfit. White block heels and a matching clutch will give you a gorgeous red carpet finish that is both comfortable and glamorous.
How to style a black prom dress?
Black is already a neutral and simple color. You have many options when it comes to styling a black prom dress. You can choose to go for a glammed-up look with red lipstick, matching red heels and a bag. You can go subtle and opt for textured black velvet accessories and some gold jewelry to add sparkle. A black dress is versatile and will go with any bold or muted color accessory you wish to pair with it, including prints or patterns. Give your dress a personalized spin by adding earrings, a great hairstyle, and daring makeup.
What color shoes with a gold prom dress?
Gold or metallic prom dresses look modern and stand out a lot already. Therefore, it can be a good idea to keep your accessories muted and simple. Nude is a good choice if you want a sleek and chic finishing touch that is fashion-forward. Black heels and a shoulder bag will put a classic and elegant twist on your outfit. Stay away from adding more metallic or embellished details. Let the dress color be the focal point! Accessories should be minimal and clean without more features to distract from the gorgeous color and style of the dress.
What shoes to wear with a royal blue prom dress?
A royal blue prom dress is a very bold and striking tone to pick. It also has a regal feel that you can choose to play up with a princess vibe. For example, adding pearls or silver jewels can be an original way to complete your outfit. We otherwise suggest going monochromatic in white or neutral in beige. These colors will look stylish but not distracting against the vibrant royal blue color of your prom dress.
What color shoes to wear with a navy prom dress?
Navy is a very popular choice for prom dresses. This deeper tone of blue is sexy and mysterious. It teams up well with glittering metallic accessories such as rose gold, silver or gold. Make sure your jewelry and bag match with the same metal toned hardware if any is displayed. If metallic isn’t your thing, you can also pick from simple black or even add some texture with white lace accessories.