Sophistication Must Be Your First Choice

On this occasion, we want to open the door for a theme that designers from big names like Jovani Fashion always take into consideration. Sophistication is a constant goal for girls around the world, is a type of style that you can apply in all kinds of events, from weddings, dinners, outings with your friends and even for those thinking of the prom party; So, How to look more glamorous and elegant?. In the following examples, we will share some tips that will allow you to have a classy and stylish fashion sense carved-out exclusively for you.

Time to focus

Before going into matter, it is essential to define what it is to look glamorous and elegant. If you want to abandon the day-to-day concept regarding outfits, it means that your goal is to look more polished, exude style, refinement and above all, your own essence. In addition to this, the image of a fashionista is associated with a young, cosmopolitan and modern woman, regardless of its location on the globe.

The key for delivering a glamorous outfit is the process you use to combine garments with each other, decorating them with accessories; One of the best ways to do this is to mix formal and informal clothes using trends seen in collections such as Jovani prom dresses, whose designs create a timeless balance with the perfect final tone. As part of the classification of primary clothing that every girl should have in her wardrobe, there are those that add the “it” factor that matches your face, complexion, and silhouette. Let’s start:

1.White blazer

This garment will immediately illuminate your strengths, and also highlight the other clothes that accompany it. You can combine it with some leather pants, jeans or even a style of prom dresses short.

2.Prom dresses in dark tones

These elements are mandatory for any girl who wants to look sophisticated, regardless of age, height, and high school year. When you buy prom dresses with dark tones, you’ll be betting on pieces that stylize your figure, as long as you follow the fashion rules regarding the types of cuts that favor you the most. Like the blazers, they are very flexible garments and work for almost any fancy occasion; you just have to know how to accessorize. If you opt for designs with monochromatic patterns or decorations made of rhinestones and sequins, by wearing a black clutch, the “it” fashion is guaranteed. You can complement them with practically all kinds of stilettos.

3.A tuxedo-type jacket

If you wear it with jeans, a maxi skirt or a dress, it will always bring an extra vibe to the rest of your outfit. Make sure it is customed in high-quality material, and that its design is modern.

4.A trench coat style coat

Another very versatile garment that immediately adds glamor to your image, especially in the fall and spring seasons. You can wear it with a pair of pants, over dresses both day and night, with jeans and practically with any other garment you can think of. Keep in mind that when it is a formal event, wearing a coat is only necessary when there are low temperatures and is only part of the time of arrival.

5.Chic sunglasses

By wearing glasses like you are the most exclusive social media celebrity, you will look enigmatic and sensual right away. This is an extraordinary detail for girls with impressive features; however, if you have a small face, it may not be your option.

6.The neckline

If you want to go for a high couture outfit but have a large bust, it is not advisable to wear high neck blouses, such as a turtleneck shirt, or any other one that covers your entire chest up. On the contrary, we recommend V necklines that are not too deep or those that have rounded neckline down, since they make your torso look slimmer. Finally, to divert excessive attention from this area, avoid using flashy patterns, horizontal stripes, sequins or bright fabrics in that area.


Combinations like those of white and black create an infallible optical illusion. The area where the black is will look thinner, and that of the white will seem wider. Both colors combined in a dress will make you look slimmer when achieved appropriately.

Finally, don’t forget that as far as style is concerned, “less is more.” A young woman knows with a great sense o fashion knows to balance the proportions of her body without exaggerating, overloading it, wearing several garments all in one.