Popular Prom Dress Colors & What Matches Your Skin Tone


Prom 2022 is just around the corner, and the 2022 dress collections have already landed in stores. It’s now a great time to start planning and preparing for your night.
The more time you give yourself, the less stressful it will be as you won’t be in a rush. As you start to browse online and look in stores, one of the key decisions you’ll need to make is what color prom dress to buy.
The color is just as important as the style of the dress and makes a big impression in photographs. You could just pick your favorite color, but you should also consider what suits your own skin tone, hair, and eyes. You’ may want to include a fashionable or on-trend color.
There are many big trends for 2022 that are all based on color. You’ll also want to choose a dress in a shade that really flatters your skin tone, hair, and eye color.
This is often more important than following the latest trends and is what makes your final look impactful.
Here is a simple guide to finding the right prom dress for you based on your skin tone and the most popular trends that you’re likely to see at prom 2022.
Even if your favorite color doesn’t end up suiting you, try another lighter or darker version of a similar color. This can often be all it takes to find the perfect match.
top colors for prom dresses

Popular Prom Dress Colors for 2022
  • Metallic tones – silver, rose gold, gold, and gunmetal. These sparkling and bold shades have a futuristic quality that is stylish and unique.  From glitter-flecked fabrics to fully sequin/embellished designs, there are multiple ways to try out this trend for prom night. It has a luxurious and opulent tone, especially when teamed with fashion-forward accessories such as nude heels and a matching clutch.
  • Blush prom dresses. Blush continues to win our hearts with its soft, romantic look. This is a very flattering shade that can work for most skin tones and can be found in an array of prom dress styles. If blush isn’t your color, you can try other light pastel hues of yellow, blue or lavender to get a similar look.
  • Jewel colors. Emerald, ruby and royal blue are sophisticated and deep tones to wear on your prom night. These colors look particularly pretty when found in a mermaid or ballgown style, as they have a regal tone.
  • Burgundy and navy. These deeper shades of red and blue are famously flattering no matter what skin tone you have and have been two of the most popular prom dress colors for many years.
What is the most popular color prom dress?
Blue is a top choice and always has been. There are so many gorgeous tones of blue, from light baby blue to royal blue and deep navy. This makes it easy to find a gorgeous blue prom dress to suit your own skin color and style easily. For 2022, the most popular color is predicted to be rose gold. This pretty warm metallic color mixes blush and gold together to create a feminine yet daring look.
What color should my prom dress be?
Your prom dress should be a color that suits your skin tone, hair, and eyes. This can be hard to figure out at first. However, trying on a few different color dresses at a store will immediately start to show you how a flattering color can make an impact on how you look. Your dress should bring out the natural ‘glow’ of your skin, which means it plays down the undertones. This can sound confusing but you will see in an unflattering dress how your complexion looks drained. A good dress color will make your skin glow and naturally complement you.
If in doubt, try holding the dress up your neck while looking in the mirror. How does the color impact your skin? Does it suit your hair color? Take photos as you try on dresses so you can look back on how they look again later if you’re not sure. This gives you more time to look back on the potential dresses and ask others for their opinions too.
What color prom dress looks good on pale skin?
While choosing a prom dress color for pale skin, be wary of very light tones such as pastel shades. Depending on your skin tone, these may bring out ‘reddish’ or unflattering undertones. If you’re not sure, simply try it on. For pale skin, deeper colors such as burgundy, navy or hunter green are a safe and easy choice. These naturally contrast with pale skin tones and are easy to wear. You can also try vibrant colors such as fuchsia, red and teal. Bold multi-color floral prints can also look great, just make sure to wear simple accessories to balance your outfit.
What color prom dress looks good on dark skin?
Dark skin looks beautiful when paired with many diverse shades across the spectrum. Blush/pastel tones and metallics go beautifully, often adding a further glow to your natural tone. Vibrant colors such as yellow, violet, red and electric blue can make a bold style statement even if the dress itself as simple. A white prom dress with clean lines is a shortcut to an effortless look that will be graceful and undeniably stylish.