Prom Dress Alterations & Styling Hacks You Can Do Yourself


Got a problem with your prom dress, or simply want to make it more unique? There are many ways you can change or adjust a dress slightly at home, without having to take it to a professional tailor or seamstress.
Of course, if your dress needs to be made smaller, bigger or have the hemline changed, it’s always a good idea to pay someone with experience to do this for you.
You don’t want to destroy a perfectly good dress by experimenting on it, so be careful before you make an attempt to change anything and do your research!
With that said, there are some quick hacks to apply to your dress if there is an element you want to adjust slightly. You can give it a quick makeover in time for your prom night.
This is especially helpful if you’ve bought a second-hand dress and want to make it your own, or just make it fit a little better on your frame.
Most of these are pretty risk-free to attempt yourself but make sure you’re focused on the task at hand and have the right tools or materials to do the alteration well.
Here are a few of the most common hacks people want to try out on their own prom dresses and how to approach doing them yourself at home.
add glitter to a prom dress

How to make a prom dress more poofy?

If your prom dress looks a little deflated, or you just want to add extra volume, there are a few ways to achieve this at home. One way is to create your own under-skirt (or purchase a cheap one). This is a sheer underlay that you can add underneath the dress to make the flare greater.
If your dress is bodycon, unfortunately, this won’t work, but if your dress is pleated or A-line, an under-skirt is a good option. These can be made by purchasing some tulle fabric and belting it around your waist under your dress. If you buy an under-skirt, it will come with its own fastenings which are secure and streamline, hopefully hiding it out of view under your dress.
You might be surprised to know that you can also change how a tight dress looks – with an over-skirt! This is the same concept, except an over-skirt should be high quality and well made, as it will be on display over the original dress. This is worn over your tight dress to create a whole new silhouette with volume. This can be left open at the front, or be entirely closed, depending on the look you want to go for.

How to fix a low cut prom dress? 

This is another common issue with prom dresses. Sometimes the plunge is too much or the dress is too low cut, and it can be too revealing. You have a few options to fix this problem.
  • Body tape. Take some advice from the pros who style red carpet events and use any kind of simple double-sided tape to stick the edges of the plunge to your skin. This is a celebrity stylist hack used to prevent nip slips and it works great for dresses with a very deep plunge.
  • Buy a plunging bra or stick-on bra cups. If confidence isn’t an issue, simply make sure you’re secured in a bra to avoid any possible embarrassment.
  • Opt for a bra with a special deep plunge that will hide below the neckline, or if it’s very low, try stick-on bra cups to offer you some support and coverage just in case.
  • Wear a nude mesh top underneath. This will cover your neckline area subtly, making the low plunge easier to wear.
  • Pin the neckline up with a brooch. Buy a decorate brooch to fit into the neckline, that can be used to hold it together, reducing how low cut the dress is. This works best on V-Necks.
How to shorten a prom dress without cutting it?
It’s hard to shorten most prom dresses at home unless you have experience using a sewing machine. You will need to get it professionally hemmed by a seamstress. However, there may be a chance if it is an overall body-con design. You can try scrolling the dress upward at the waist to shorten it, pin safety in place and add a waist belt to cover the pinned area. This is worth a try before seeking professional help, it may work for you!
How to add sparkle or glitter to a prom dress?
There are lots of ways you can embellish a prom dress without actually altering it. Look at jewelry sections in stores – they often have glitter brooches or pins that can be added to your straps or neckline. There are also cross-body jewels you could wear over the dress, or simply a beaded waist belt.
If you are creative, you could try using a metallic or glitter fabric paint or spray on your dress – just be careful and be aware that you could potentially spoil your dress, so cover any areas you don’t want to splash with paint and go slowly!
How to add straps to a strapless prom dress?
A strapless dress that doesn’t stay up can be a nightmare. No one wants to spend their prom night tugging the front of their dress up. There are a few solutions to add straps to a prom dress. To do this, you’ll need to purchase some coordinating straps from a fabric/tailoring shop, as well as some slide-in hooks and fastenings, similar to a bra that can have its straps removed. Then, you simply need to carefully stitch or attach 2 loops/material slots onto the back and front inside of the top of the dress, making sure its concealed and properly positioned. Then, you can slot-in your new straps!