Leave Everyone Thrilled With The Colors Of Your Outfits

Whether they are consultants, decorators and experts within the big style empires like Jovani Fashion, they all agree people not only see color, they experience it as a feeling more. This fact brings up the subject of today’s article: is it possible that to improve your daily experiences by choosing certain colors? The answer is: yes.

The tonalities of the clothes you wear always play a significant role, that’s why there are different dress codes: formal like for a prom party, semi-formal for special dinners or casual for a family celebration, alongside colors according to the season. The latest collection of prom dresses by Jovani, designed for the spring of 2022 is an excellent example of how a range of colors fits a type of girl, and that outfit choices will serve as a means of expression between you and the rest of the world. If you want to learn to master the colors of your wardrobe, here is what you should know:

Red to attract a well-deserved attention

If you have an appointment or an important presentation where is essential to keep all eyes on you, wear clothes or accessories in red tones. This color conveys passion and, therefore, is good to carry if you have artistic hobbies. You don’t necessarily have to wear red from head to toe; you can also use it in your handbag or on the lips and nail polish. On the other hand, the excess of red color can also be associated with aggressiveness, so it is advisable to choose it moderately.

If you want to add this touch to your look at the end of the year, we recommend choosing among the Jovani prom dresses that have this tone; There are many combinations or shades of dark red added to details such as rhinestones or lace that will make you look beautiful.

Orange equals emotional health

If you are in one those days where you feel low, don’t hesitate to use orange in your wardrobe. You must take into account the tone of your skin, as it is a color that will look great in a warm skin tone, but disastrous in a cold skin tone. As benefits, the orange fills you with optimism and happiness! It is a color that invites socialization, don’t wait to use it in your choice for prom if you want to leave a mark on all your colleagues or classmates as an extroverted and fashionista !.

Yellow for vital energy

Start the day on the right foot. Use it if you are looking for inspiration and positive energy. Other benefits of the yellow color are the stimulation of concentration, memory and feel self-confidence. You should be careful with the excess of this color because it may reflect superficiality and hyperactivity.

The green as a source of peace

Associated with nature, the green color is a source of relaxation and calmness. If you are on one of those days when you feel exhausted, overworked and need a break, use the color green in your wardrobe to create harmony, calm and balance. Avoid it if you need a lot of energy to work since it can be that much relaxing.

Blue expresses your creativity

This tonality also reflects spirituality and self-confidence. Like yellow is a very inspiring color. However, if you feel sad or depressed, you should avoid wearing clothes of this color.

Black and white exudes elegance and transparency

These are considered neutral colors. The white conveys purity, cleanliness, transparency, and calmness. When combined with other colors it helps to intensify their strength and energy. Black is a symbol of sophistication, and it is ideal to use when you want to project security in yourself wearing a prom dress or authority.

Fuchsia of joy

Although it is a very intense color, the fuchsia is a source of balance, and you should use it when you want to balance your mood, by going through both an emotionally low and high moments. It transmits joy and peace and makes people perceive you as a jovial being. If, in your high school or work, you want to project an image of kindness and also want to make it easier for you to build good relationships, use more frequently garments in fuchsia.

Pink is the equivalent of classical femininity

If you think that you are currently projecting a somewhat aggressive, unfriendly image, or you want to empower yourself with a more conventional type of femininity, try to use pink-colored garments more often and will notice the difference.