How to Plan Your Beauty Look for Prom Night

There’s a lot involved when planning your prom night. Not only do you have to find a dress, shoes, and accessories. You also have to figure out how to look your best. That means a perfect beauty look with great nails, glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and makeup.
There are so many treatments and appointments you could sign up for. However, there are also many ways you can pamper yourself at home and cut costs.
If you’re a pro at doing your nails, you certainly don’t need a professional manicure. If you already love the makeup you do on yourself, you don’t need a makeup artist! However, some people feel more confident by calling in the professionals. It’s also a nice way to relax and treat yourself before prom night. That’s perfectly fine too!
If you have several appointments you want to fit in, you might be wondering about the timeline. When should you get your treatments done before prom? We’re here to help outline the best course of action for getting yourself ready for prom.
That includes all aspects of your beauty look, from your skin to your teeth!
Remember you can always replicate these treatments at home or do them yourself. There are now so many Youtube tutorials online that make it easy to copy. Just invest in the right tools beforehand and give it a try in advance.
You can always call your friends and turn it into a makeover party.
how long does prom makeup take
When should you get your nails done for prom?
You should get your nails done the day before prom. They will last until prom night in the same condition as long as you’re a little careful. Getting your nails out of the way the day before is a good idea. Especially if you have a hair and makeup look that may take a few hours on the day itself. It takes some of the time constraints off your prom day. Buy a clear nail polish top coat you can apply to strengthen the look if needs be.
What should I eat the day before prom?
Many girls suffer from tummy bloat, it’s common and normal. If you want to avoid this, try to eat light meals and snacks the day before prom. Avoid heavy carbs, carbonated drinks, and dairy products. Stick to lean protein such as chicken or white fish, teamed up with leafy green veggies, some fruit, smoothies, and nuts. This will help keep your stomach flat but will also fill you up so you’re not feeling hungry as you prepare for prom. It’s a good idea to have a large breakfast on prom morning but stick to oatmeal, fruit and natural fruit juices.
Should you do your makeup or hair first?
Many girls wonder if they should book their hair appointment before their makeup appointment. If you’re going to two different professionals, this can be a hard call to make. The general advice is to get the longer appointment out of the way first. This reduces stress on the day. That means if your hair is complicated and will take over an hour, get that done before makeup. If you’ve planned a dramatic makeup look but you’re keeping hair simple, book the makeup appointment first.
How long does prom makeup take?
Prom makeup can be done as quickly as 30 minutes, or take up to 2 hours and even beyond. It all depends on how complicated your chosen look is. If it’s natural and simple, your session will likely be around an hour long. If you want to contour, highlight and add a bold lip or eye, it could take around 2 hours to perfect. Ask your makeup artist how long the application will take so you can add enough time to your prom day schedule.
How do you get clear skin before prom?
A month before prom is a good time to start focusing on your skin. You need to make sure you have an effective regimen in place. Add a weekly face mask, whole body scrub and a night serum to your list of ‘must dos’. Make sure you take off your makeup every night before bed. Cleanse, tone and moisturize twice daily. You should also do the same for your hair. A hair mask can make a huge difference to the condition. Try to do one every week in the month leading up to prom night.
When should you start tanning for prom?
Prom tanning can be complicated to work out. This all depends on if you want to get a spray tan in multiple sessions or apply it at home. If you want to build up your tan, start at least a week, or week and a half in advance. Gently build up the color. Remember to shower that night to help the tan set properly. Your last tanning session should be 2 days before prom. You want to give it some time to fade and look natural.
When to whiten teeth before prom?
It’s a good idea to go to your dentist to have your teeth cleaned and whitened before prom. This can be done any time in the final two weeks before prom night. If you’re going to have your teeth whitened chemically, make sure you do it a week or so before. This gives your teeth some time to fade just a little. You don’t want to have a very overpowering white smile in photos! Make sure everything looks as natural yet beautiful as possible.