All About Matching Your Prom Date & Prom Dress

Most prom couples want to match their outfits. This makes it clear who they’re with on the night and also looks nicer in photographs.
Of course, too much coordination looks cheesy – avoid wearing the same patterns or prints. Stick to some subtle color matched finishing touches to make it look well done and effortless.

When you ask your date to your prom, make sure you keep him in the loop during the shopping and preparation process. If you only message or call him a few days beforehand, it won’t give him much time to organize things on his end.
Firstly, as you prepare to go dress shopping, check in and see if he has thought about his own outfit yet. Make sure he knows exactly what kind of suit or tux he’ll be required to wear on your prom night. If you already know what color dress you plan to buy, letting him know this information in advance can make everything match together more easily.
What should a guy wear to prom?
Generally, guys attending prom wear a tuxedo or some type of formal suit. They can choose between wearing a bow-tie or normal tie (most opt for regular ties as bow ties tend to look very formal). They can also choose to wear a blazer or tuxedo jacket, suit pants (tailored/skinny fit are the most popular) and a formal shirt. Waistcoats are saved for only very formal prom styles.

matching prom tux and prom dress

If there is a prom theme, this might also have an impact on his outfit choice. For example, an Old Hollywood theme might call for an outfit inspired by a classic actor. Make sure to tell your date if there is any theme chosen so he can keep this in mind and use it to get creative with his look.
Most guys attending prom have 2 options – to rent or buy a suit. Renting is a good option if he only needs a suit for a one-off event. However, having a great neutral colored suit is essential for most men and can be seen as something to invest in for future events and interviews, etc. Even if your date decides to rent a suit, he will probably need to purchase the rest of the outfit, including a shirt, tie, and formal shoes. He may ask for your help to choose these or simply do his best to match them to your dress himself.

How do you match a tux with a prom dress?

Trying to decide what color your date should wear can be a little tricky, especially if your prom dress has a few different colors. It’s true that certain suit colors match better to certain dress colors. Navy suits match well with blush, burgundy, green and metallic dresses. Silver/grey suits go well with lighter pastel tone and very bright designs and of course, a black tuxedo goes with pretty much every color. If in doubt, ask him to wear a simple black suit/tux.
It’s a great idea to pick your dress first if possible, so he can pick the right color for his suit. There’s just so much choice of gowns for prom. He can take along an image of the dress as a guide when he goes to buy or rent his outfit. The rest of his outfit should also be considered. He’ll need a neutral shirt that doesn’t clash with your dress colors (white always works) and then a tie to complete the outfit.
Does the tie have to match the dress?

A tie doesn’t have to match, but it can look great if it does! Many prom couples use the tie as a way to match both outfits together, picking a tie color that is close in tone to the dress. If this isn’t possible, you could also pick a metallic tie that suits the embellishment of your dress. This is subtle but really looks pretty. Alternatively, ask your date to pick a simple black or white tie, and then wear black and white shoes and a clutch.

What color corsage to wear?

While your chosen corsage and boutonniere should match your dress and suit, there should also be some contrast. For example, a black suit looks best with a white boutonniere. White is a good base tone, but the florist can also add a flower in a lighter pastel tone that’s a similar shade to your dress (if your dress is dark, or vice versa). This makes your corsage more personalized and coordinating. If you need help, just bring an image of your dress to the florist when you go to make an order.
How to match your dress to your bestie or friend group

Not everyone takes a date to the prom, some go with their besties or friend group instead, which is a great way to enjoy the night! If you choose this option, you might want to coordinate two or more prom dresses, if you want to tie your outfits together and look matching for photos. You don’t have to do this, but it can work out beautifully and makes it clear that you’re going as a group. Here are a few ways to match your friends’ prom dresses with your own.

  • Pick a color palette – Choose a color and pick different colors tones of the same color. For example, pick metallics and go for gold, silver and rose gold dresses, or opt for pink and look for blush, hot pink and fuchsia designs.
  • Choose a similar dress style with different necklines – Pick a dress style (example, mermaid dress) and then look for different necklines (halter, v-neck, sweetheart, etc). Make sure your colors and styling matches well too!
  • Pick a fabric – Choosing a fabric can be an easy way to coordinate, for example, all of your girls can wear a velvet dress but in a different style or tone.