Where Can I Buy Plus Size Prom Dresses?


Shopping for plus size dresses can sometimes feel like stumbling on a real-life unicorn! It can be rare to find exactly the dress you want, in the right size. This isn’t just true for plus size girls, but also for those who are petite, very tall, etc. Sometimes sizing is just too ‘standard’ to match you. Many stores or boutiques often stock just the most popular and best-selling sizes. This can often leave you feeling left out, especially when it comes to shopping for prom dresses.
Prom dress shopping is a fun experience that every girl should get to enjoy just as equally, no matter what budget you’re on or what body type you have. Thankfully, there is an increasing number of ways to find the perfect plus size prom dress that is unique and a perfect fit for you.
We’re here to share some tips for finding the best dresses for a whole range of different sizes. That means no one is left out or stressed during their shopping experience. This should help you on your journey towards finding ‘the one’.
Visiting Local Stores Near You
Visiting stores near you can help you gauge if there are any boutiques that do carry plus size dresses close to you. The best method is to go into the closest prom boutiques or formal stores and ask them about their sizing policy and if they have any plus size options available in store.
shopping for a plus size prom dress

Another option is to look up the brands you already know have plus size dress options, such as JVN for example. Find their retailers and visit those stores to see if you can try on the dresses in person. If they don’t have plus size options in store, you are still able to see the dresses in person. You can take note of any styles that catch your eye. If you fall in love with the perfect dress, they’ll then be able to order the design for you. That means you may have to wait a week or two, but you can just pick it up at the same location once it’s in stock. 
Shopping Online for Plus Size Prom Dresses
If the boutiques near you are limited or you just want more choice of gowns for prom, try shopping online instead. It’s important to know your measurements well for this since sizing can be an issue with an online order. Make sure you browse only authentic prom dress sites and make your purchase through a trusted store that only has good quality designs.
By shopping online, you are able to pick from many prom dress collections. The store you pick from doesn’t even have to be a ‘plus size store’. Many brands, including JVN, create dresses up to size 24. This means you can look through many top brands without feeling like your choice is very limited.
Affordable Plus Size Prom Dresses
Another problem can be your budget. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a prom dress, it can also be a limiting factor when shopping. Thankfully, JVN offers affordable prom dresses in plus sizes. There are many reliable brands to shop from who offer a good balance between high-quality designs and a lower cost. Be wary of ordering from very cheap prom dress stores or marketplaces, as often the product can be badly stitched and not represented properly in the images shown online. Always check the return policy and give yourself the chance to try the dress on without any pressure.
Short Plus Size Prom Dresses
Keep in mind that your dress doesn’t necessarily have to be floor-length. Often, a short prom dress can suit your shape more flatteringly, especially if you are petite. This can also make shopping easier, as you can find embellished cocktail dresses in plus sizes that may be formal enough for the occasion. You can also find a range of gorgeous fit and flare looks which are very pretty and create a feminine hourglass look.
Making Your Prom Dress Unique
If your choices have been limited by size or selection, you may feel that the dress isn’t exactly unique to you and you want to make it feel a little more customized. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make any prom dress feel more like your own. The best way is to choose statement accessories (this works best with a simple dress). You could add an embellished belt around your waist, which has the added benefit of highlighting your slimmest point and adding shape.
You could also try looking for shoes or a clutch with a matching print, embellishment or in a daring color choice. Make sure all of the colors match up well and go perfectly with your prom dress. You can make your prom dress special by adding other details too such as an interesting hair look or a unique lipstick color. Experimenting with a variety of accessories and styling choices can make any prom dress more expressive and unique!