How to Make a Prom Dress More Modest – Styling Tips

making a prom dress more modest

Prom dresses can be sexy. Some are even a little too sexy. That’s not a style choice that everyone is comfortable with. Sometimes its best to leave a little to the imagination.
There are plenty of ways to be more modest on your prom night and this is often a more age-appropriate choice too. There are some styling tricks that can transform a daring dress into something a little more concealed, or at least more worry-free. No one wants a dreaded nip-slip or Marilyn Monroe skirt flutter moment (although she owned it!).
With a whole range of prom dresses out there for you to pick from, many designs expose various parts of your body and may even require a particular type of special underwear.
Backless dresses and designs with a deep plunge need specific underwear to make them work – such as stick-on cups or a backless bra.
If you plan to wear one of these, wearing some kind of bra will make you more relaxed. Even if the neckline slips out of place, at least you don’t have to worry too much.
However, this may not be modest enough for you. If not, simply opt for a dress with a higher neckline instead. Boat or high halter designs are so elegant and a lot more conservative in style.
Prom Dresses With Sleeves
Long or short sleeves allow you to cover your arms or shoulders and if it’s not an area you feel comfortable showing, this is a great option. Sleeves can be sheer or opaque, so make sure you look closely at the dress and that you feel good when you try it on. A cap sleeve design is another option – this just covers your shoulders and makes it easier to wear a standard bra too (neckline permitting!).
how to make a dress more modest

Choose a Long Modest Prom Dress
Bodycon dresses tend to show off your shape through the fabric. This doesn’t suit every body type and certainly can impact your confidence if you don’t love how it sits on your shape. If you want to find a more modest option, look for an A-line prom dress or one with a little flow. Fringe is also great for this and adds movement when you hit the dance floor as a bonus. Pleated designs are one of the best options, and don’t have to be very voluminous if you don’t like that style. Make sure your dress is floor-length and highlights your waist to give you flattering proportions.
Styling Hacks to Make a Dress More Modest
If you’ve already bought a dress and suddenly realize it shows off a little too much and doesn’t make you feel comfortable enough to wear on prom night, don’t worry. There’s plenty of ways to alter it with our simple styling hacks.
  • Add a lace or sheer under-top. This depends a little on the dress, but if it’s strapless or sleeveless, it could easily work. If your dress has a deep plunge and shows too much cleavage, wearing an elegant lace or semi-sheer top beneath can look gorgeous and helps cover you! Make sure it matches the dress well so it doesn’t look like a separate piece, but creates the look of an illusion neckline. This can be a sleeveless, short or long sleeve top depending on how covered you wish to be.
  • Add a shoulder shrug. A faux fur shoulder shrug that wraps across your front can be an easy way to cover up a neckline that’s too much.
  • Rely on nude underwear. If a dress has a very deep plunge, try pairing a seamless nude body or spaghetti top underneath. If it matches your skin tone well enough, it will be hard to notice its there and will help you feel more comfortable.
  • Easily cover your shoulders. If your shoulders and arms are on display but you wish they weren’t, you can add a delicate silky scarf to partially cover them. Drape it around the top of your arms to add a little coverage.
  • Add an over-skirt. If your skirt is too bodycon, look for a floor-length over-skirt to add over it. These tie-up around your waist and can be a left a little open at the front if you wish to show off the front of the dress. This can transform an outfit easily and makes your dress have more flow.
Modest Prom Dress Styles
Some prom dresses are naturally more modest than others. You don’t have to search out a specific modest design company, if you know what features to look for, most brands will have something to suit you. Here are a few of the design features to try out:
  • High necklines – Choose from a crew neck, jewel, boat, and high halter. These all should cover you close to your neck, showing no cleavage.
  • Sleeves – Depending on your comfort levels, you can choose from a cap sleeve, short, three quarter or long sleeve.
  • Pleated or A-line skirts – Look for floor-length dresses with pleated or flowy fabrics. The classic A-line shape is a great choice for formal occasions and will make you feel like a princess for prom!