What You Should and Shouldn’t Wear to Prom

Getting dressed up for prom is a big moment for most teenage girls. However, finding the right outfit can be a little confusing. Are there rules of what you can and can’t wear? What about the dress code? We’re here to help break down some of your most commonly asked prom dress related questions about what’s appropriate and not on this special day. This should help clear up any confusion and allow you to have a fun-filled shopping experience, free from any anxiety!

Before you do start dreaming about that perfect dress, firstly check with your school. Ask your prom committee if any particular theme has been decided on. If it has, you’ll want to include an element of the theme in your final look. This can be done through accessories or the dress itself, but it’s something to keep in mind as you shop. You’ll also want to make sure there isn’t a particularly strict dress code. Some schools outline what is and isn’t acceptable to wear or prefer people to wear a long formal style. If the event itself is very upscale and lavish, you’ll want to meet that dress code with the right formal look.
Is it OK to wear a short prom dress?
The short answer is simple – yes! For most proms, a short dress is totally acceptable and shorter styles are gaining popularity in recent years. Why? because they’re simply more comfortable, easy to walk in and dance the night away with ease. Short prom dresses can still have the right formal look – just make sure to still shop at a formal dress store.

A very plain or simple dress will look casual and not correct. Search for short dresses with a formal style such as a fit and flare design with embellishments, sheer sleeves and design features that make it stand out. Selection of dresses available is varied and can suit your taste. Occasionally, a short dress simply might not work. If your prom night has a formal dress code or black tie theme, a full-length gown is the best choice and what will be expected.


what you shouldn't wear to prom

Can I wear a jumpsuit to prom?
Let’s face it, not everyone likes wearing dresses. It simply doesn’t suit every personality. Some people just don’t feel comfortable in a dress or prefer to wear outfits that are more gender neutral. Prom jumpsuits are a great alternative option, that will still make you feel dressed up and formal for this special night. Wearing a jumpsuit can also be a way to empower yourself, setting you apart with a unique sense of fashion. To wear a jumpsuit to prom, opt for something with sharply tailored elements, sheer panels or sparkling embellishment. You still want to look ready for prom and not just any night out.
Can I wear white to prom?
White prom dresses sometimes confuse people. Is it a prom or wedding dress? Well, there are no rules about wearing white to prom! This is actually a gorgeous color choice for most people. If you’re worried you’ll look too bridal, shake it up by adding a pop of color via your accessories or pick a white dress with gold embellishment or sequins. This is an easy way to show you’re not about to walk down the aisle!
Can you wear a black dress to prom?
Black is another hugely popular color for prom night, and no, it’s not too dark! Black equates to classic and always looks good on everyone. A long black dress has an elegant appeal that makes it ideal for prom. If you’re worried the look is too dark, you can just add sparkling jewelry or metallic accessories to bring a stylish and cheerful touch to the final outfit.
What NOT to wear to prom – fashion-faux pas and rule-breakers
If you aren’t interested in being the center of attention for all of the wrong reasons (although it could prove hilarious), we recommend staying away from the following choice for your prom night:
  • Denim – Do not wear jeans! Jeans or sweatpants are way, way too casual no matter how relaxed your prom is. This rule applies to guys and girls alike.
  • Camouflage – Even if you’re a wallflower, no one wants to disappear that badly. In fact, wearing camouflage is likely to get you noticed but not in a good way. Save it for hunting season or when you join the military.
  • A wedding dress – No matter how much your mom loves her old wedding dress, now is not the time!
  • The same dress as your best friend – Even if you both love it, at least get it in different colors, or find another way to cutely coordinate with your bestie.
  • A completely sheer dress – If you don’t get thrown out by a chaperone first, you’ll never get over the embarrassing photos. Sheer dresses or designs with sheer panels are so stylish but pair them tactically with nude underwear, stick-on bra cups, etc. The right underwear is everything!