How to Prepare Your Skin, Hair & Nails for Prom


It’s time to glow up for prom! Getting that glossy highlighted look takes a little time and effort, but it’s totally worth it for this big occasion. You don’t need a big budget to treat yourself to some self-care before prom night. Many salon treatments can be easily replicated at home for a fraction of the price with similar results, depending on what you want to do. If you’re planning on skipping the salon visits and want to DIY most of your beauty look, check out some Youtube tutorials and follow our helpful list to make sure you have everything checked off before the big day.
Try to start working on perfecting your skin, hair, and nails at least 2 months in advance so that the new glow has a chance to really shine through. Begin by taking a trip to your favorite beauty store. Make a list of everything you’ll need to start a simple new prom beauty regime at home. This should include these key products:
  • Body exfoliator scrub/exfoliating mitt or brush
  • Rejuvenating hair mask and hair oil (Argan oil is very popular)
  • Facial exfoliator product, peel or mask
  • A vitamin-rich moisturizer
  • A deep cleansing facial product
  • Razors, shaving foam, etc
  • A hand and nail oil/cream to help lengthen and strengthen your nails
  • A simple manicure set including a nail file
  • Fake tanning products if you wish to use these on prom night
  • prom must-do beauty tricks
    Once you have the basic products gathered, it’s easy to kick-start your new beauty regime. Here’s our guide for each category that will make sure you have everything covered.
    How to prepare your hair for prom
    Start by using the hair mask at least once a week. This will strengthen your hair and add a glossy shine. Make sure you apply it from root to tip and give it at least 10 minutes to work before you wash it off. You can even make your own hair mask at home – natural products such as coconut oil can give you similar results. Use the hair oil according to instructions. This is usually applied to wet/damp hair at the ends to nourish split ends and add further gloss. If you plan to do your own prom hairstyle, make sure you also purchase a great setting spray to keep your final style in place on the night. There are many hair sprays which also add a little extra gloss or shine.
    How to prepare your skin for prom
    Skin prep should also start a few months in advance. Start by exfoliating all over at least once a week with a good exfoliating product. A loofah or body brush can also be used to boost your circulation and remove dead skin cells. Don’t forget to focus on your feet, especially if you’re wearing open sandals or heels on prom night. If you plan to wear a short prom dress, your legs will need to shine and glow too.
    Add a sheen to your skin by applying cocoa butter all over after exfoliating. You can also try a body oil or shimmer oil to add another level of gloss to your skin just before the night itself. If you plan to self-tan, make sure you try out the product before prom so you know how long it takes for it to look natural (some tans need a few days to settle!) and make sure to check it’s the right color for you.
    How to prepare your nails for prom
    Your nails and hands can be given a quick boost by using a multi-purpose hand and nail cream. This adds shine and helps rejuvenate cracked or dry areas. If you aren’t using faux nails for prom, use a nail file to shape your tips into the shape you want on a weekly basis. Concentrate on growing them long and healthy before prom night. Then, on the day of prom, apply your desired nail art or color. Make sure you seal it all with a clear top coat to make sure it doesn’t crack or chip too quickly.
    How to prepare your face for prom
    Start by using a moisturizer and cleanser that suits your skin type well and nourishes your skin with natural, organic ingredients. Make sure you use both products day and night, while also removing any makeup before you to sleep. Every week, use a facial mask and/or exfoliate with a scrub. You can also opt to try a vitamin-rich serum or face oil in the weeks leading up to prom. This can help add a further natural glow to your skin. You want to create a beautiful blank canvas so you don’t have to go too heavy on makeup for prom night.
    Getting ready for prom night
    On the day itself, you’ll want to shower and exfoliate if you don’t already have tan applied. Use a face mask before showering and apply a hair mask. Apply lotion or oil all over your body to create a natural glow. Cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying your prom makeup. Before styling your hair, add a little of the hair oil to the ends to add a subtle gloss. Make sure you paint both your nails and toenails to coordinate! These simple things can make a big difference and are also a nice way to relax and pamper yourself before prom night starts.