The “Yes” And “No’s” That Every Curvy Girl Must Know About

Some of the favorite outfits are dresses; however, the girls don’t always know how to select them appropriately or make a lot of mistakes without realizing it. They leave aside the size, cut and colors, therefore, instead of using them in their favor, they do it against them. Hence, in Jovani we have a small list of mistakes to avoid when buying a dress and the best fashion choices for our daily wardrobe.

Now, let’s talk about the most common mistakes

1) Not wearing fitted models

Many curvy girls move away from tailored dresses because they think are unflattering for their figure; however, this has been proven to be ultimately false. All the curvy girls need is to find a good design, and that’s something that Jovani has in its latest collection of prom dresses.

As for the cut, try to pick the dress that is fitted in the superior part, preferably of round neckline with termination in wide braces. This will make your cleavage stand out without having to use a deep neckline. As for the lower part, it can be slightly notched, but with a circular cut, that will shape both your waist and your hip.

2) Cover from head to toe in prints

Another of the items that represent a challenge are the dresses with prints, especially the flowers, because they visually add volume to the figure, however, just choose the appropriate patterns, cut and color. Among the best designs of prom dresses available for curvy girls is the one that closes the dress right in the center and ties itself with a bow.

With this effect, you will make your silhouette look more stylized, which visually reduces the waist; as the fall is loose, it hides the belly. As for the colors can be bright or dark, as long as the flowers are medium and not very striking. In this way, there is a balance between color, cut and design.

3) The V neckline might not be that flattering

The dresses and necklines are beautiful; however, you have to find the balance to use them. Many prefer deep V-necklines; nevertheless, one of the most flattering is that which exposes the shoulders. Therefore you can use any strapless dress, just try to choose it loose from the bottom and not too short.

4) Only gong for formal dresses

If the formality of your outfit is almost a tradition of yours in the prom parties, it is time to turn it around. Flirty and more casual prom dresses can also allow you to get the best out of you.

Combine them with your favorite shoes and striking accessories in silver. It is also an excellent opportunity to use a more daring makeup.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a modern girl, you should know that there are some accessories that you cannot exclude from your wardrobe. Not everything is basic; there are clothes and fashion accessories that every young girl needs; pay close attention

Mesh stockings

These stockings are beautiful and can also be combined with a lot of outfits. As versatile as they are, they should not be missing in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Besides, the benefits they provide are multiple. The mesh stockings lengthen the legs, disguise imperfections and make you look sexier.


This accessory is essential for any fashion lover, and what better than having a pair for all occasions. This accessory is synonymous with glamor and sophistication; make sure they are appropriate to your face type.

The sunglasses, besides giving a chic touch to your outfit, are perfect to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. If you wear ophthalmic glasses, it is possible to adjust your dark lenses so that your eyesight doesn’t suffer.

Black boots

A pair of boots cannot miss in your closet. They are comfortable and practical. Also, it is possible to combine them with all kinds of garments because they are always ideal. Black boots, whether short or long, will still speak very well of you.

A fur jacket

A leather jacket is perfect to complete your outfit on the day or night; Whether it’s leather or vinyl, it will give your gear a sexier appearance. The most successful color is black, but you can also choose a brown or wine color.

A pair of tennis shoes that combine with everything

The trend now is to be casual but stylish; therefore tennis shoes that combine with everything is a necessary garment. Go for neutral colors such as white, gray or black. This shoe goes very well with jeans, dress pants, shorts, and even dresses.